PayPal has been added to the account. Thanks Tom Villars.

I'm just pleased to be able to donate.
Is there anyway to get Waheed a private Internet connection? Or access through his employer?

Waheed, you read this, go ahead and ask your boss about it. You won't know if he's for or against it until you do.
Nice site, I'll add both of you to my list.
How about getting Waheed a Haloscan account. This would be really beneficial towards posting comments and the ability to do trackbacks. I'd be more than happy to pay the amount for him to get a paid membership so he doesn't lose his comments. You can contact me at toni.view@gmail.com
Paul Edwards, the man who said every man and his dog was using State-sponsored torture... now that was long ago and far away, wasn't it Paul?

So how do you feel about Abu Ghraib and the rendering of prisoners - including fellow Aussies - to countries like Egypt and Uzbekistan for torturing? Still support your fixed ideology at all costs?
More OT BS from g! Aren't we lucky these comments will all be deleted in a few days? :D
gandhi, you never gave a rat's arse about innocent Iraqis being tortured and raped by Saddam. Why the sudden humanity towards terrorists? And why mention Aussie ones in particular? Do you think Australian terrorists deserve better treatment than terrorists from other countries? So you're a bigot as well. They deserve a bullet in the back of the head, after any information about other terrorists has been extracted from them. The forces of freedom are trying to save innocent lives. You're only interested in trying to bring down the forces of freedom. You're the enemy in this war.

brian h, Jeff Jarvis made a link to this blog entry, so I'm not quite sure what to do about deleting it. I think I'll just trim it down to an announcement about paypal.
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