The New Year celebration in Afghanistan

Afghan people peacefuly celebrated "Nowroz", the first day of the new year with the glorious celebration on Monday. As per tradition, Afghans attended the flag-hoisting ceremonies at their local renowned tombs. In the New Year ceremony, people make and serve a special kind of fruit drink called "Haft Miwa" {comprised of seven kinds of fruit}, and they visit relatives. This festival was banned under the Taliban regime. The new year was celebrated in all provinces. In the capital, Kabul, the celebration was attended by thousands of Kabul residents and some government officials. At the flag-hoisting ceremony at the Karta-e-Sakhi tomb near the TV hill, all Afghan people were looking very happy and hopeful because the new year arrived with snow and rain and they hope it will be full of peace and security as well. Kabul's hillsides are just turning green after a long drought. Hillsides were crowded with young boys and girls and families celebrating the holiday. Unfortunately a landmine was detonated during the celebration and a young boy was wounded.

Almost every city of Afghanistan has some sort of central festival where the people collectively welcome the new year as well as the spring season. Capital Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif celebrate the new year with a different style, especially the biggest festival held every year in Mazar-e-Sharif. In Balkh province, hundreds or thousands of people, starting from early morning, gather around the historical shrine of Hazrat Ali, the son-in-law of Prophet Mohammed {peace be upon him} and also the fourth Caliph of Islam. This is the historical shrine with a history reaching back hundreds of years and the people of Afghanistan, especially the northern people, have very high respect and pay tribute to this shrine. The shrine is always full of pilgrims from almost all parts of Afghanistan. The main function of new year is also held in this shrine. This shrine is also famous because of the blue mosque. It has a lot of attractions for foreign tourists and the blue dome of the shrine is a noble piece of ancient architecture. The main reason is not only to celebrate new year but the gathering of the people and the brotherhood and unity among the people.

The red rose naturally grows every year in the deserts near Mazr-e-Sharif city, so that is why its also famous for the Red Rose ceremony - it shows the spectacular desert views.

Afghan people are hoping to enter into another phase of their history, which is democracy, rule of law, supremacy of constitution, unity, and brotherhood.

Happy New Year, Waheed!
Someday I would very much like to see Afghanistan, and the celebration of the new year. I live near San Diego, California; our desert is also in bloom right now. We have no roses, but many beautiful wildflowers. I think the red desert roses, and the ended drought that helped them, are wonderful symbols of hope for what has happened in the past few years in Afghanistan.
Happy New Year, Waheed! May you and your countrymen have many more.
I can't believe Afghanistan celebrates Nowroz, a Zoroastian tradition. Nowroz is also celebrated in Iran and by the Kurds. There seems to be a Zorastian tradition practiced in several countries of central Asia.
Happy New Year, Waheed! May the coming years continue to improve for the people of Afghanistan.
Happy New Year Waheed!

It is a glorious time to have the freedom to celebrate Holidays formerly outlawed by the Taliban.

It is a testament to the people of Afghanistan to be able to exercise their new freedoms with all sects of society in peace. I wish many more such celebrations.

With respect to the poor child wounded by the landmine, it is beyond comprehension these vile instruments of war are still killing and maiming the children of Afghanistan.

What measures have been taken to eliminate this deadly menace? It is my understanding Afghanistan has more landmines than any other country on the planet. Surely there are resources to clear these deadly war relics from the country.

I would like to know what measures are being taken to eliminate the mines. It obviously must be a top priority to do so. Failure to do so is criminal and the Government leaders not actively pushing for their removal should be held personally responsible.

Let us all know of the progress as it is a major concern to all of us. I can see the beloved Lady Diane turning in her grave over this menace.
Dear Waheed,

Happy New Year! I truly hope your countrymen and you (yes, and women too!) have many more to come. I will continue to pray for the people of Afghanistan and for your future. Thank you for your blog. Have a great day.
Happy New Year and continued success in forming your new and free nation.

The countryside sounds like West Texas, where we too have had a 6 year long drought broken with generous rains for the last six months and the land is as green as I can remember.
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The red rose naturally grows every year in the deserts near Mazr-e-Sharif city, so that is why its also famous for the Red Rose ceremony

Did you see any Western tourists?
Thank you for the details of the celebration. (Like a couple of the above people, I too have seen a drought end this year in the dry lands of Southern California and Arizona, where I have worked recently. It's a good sign for our two countries.) Happy new year.
Salaam Waheed jan

Saal-e Nau Mubarak, Now Roz Mubarak,

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thank you waheed jan for you info regarding nowroz. sorry i am a bit late in responding only few years by the look of it. I hope all afghans happy new year every new year. I am proud of my nation for comming along surviving taliban's regym. thank got it may be over.
with warmest regards, love and repspect to all afghans khuda hafiz Sufya Nahid Australia Perth
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