Women's fitness club in Kabul

The country's first fitness club for women started 2 months ago with the participation of a dozen women. It has already logged some success. Women from different ages exercise at this club, especially those women who have difficulty with mobility because of their weight. Most women are happy for the positive changes in their bodies in two months.

Nima, the head of the club, who also carried the Afghanistan flag at the Athen's Olympics, said in an interview "I am keen to solve the problems of the women". During her tours abroad as an athlete she collected various sports and exercise equipment now in use at the club.

Women can now exercise in a safe place wearing blouse pants and sports shoes. The club administration said due to demand she would establish clubs in other areas of the capital if she can find suitable premises.

I continue to be amazed by the will and inner strength of the Afghan women. Please know that how your women's movement goes, so will go the country. If your women are truly given equal rights it will forever change your future for the better.
That's great... Women should have a place to exercise if they like.
The critics are soooo right. Afghanistan is a huge failure! What a bunch of maroons.

Anyway I saw our former secretary of health and human services Tommy Thompson (and our former governor here in Wisconsin) and he talked about all of the progress for women in Afghanistan. He was very proud of the womens and children's hospitals that are now being built.

Merabani Waheed!
Glad to hear about the exercise club--my mother is a personal trainer here in the US, so fitness is pretty important to the women in my family. I am curious, though--what does this sort of club cost its members to join? And is childcare provided? As a woman who would like to start her own business someday, I always want to know about the logistical details!
This is excellent news. I belong to an all-women fitness center and think it provides a great sense of community and support between women in my area. Please continue to keep us posted!

Best of luck on the web site. This is great for the Afghan women - but also the freedom to do so. I hope there is more freedom to come.
Hey, I think I know this guy! Is this the Waheed who worked as a terp at KMTC? Or the Waheed who worked as a terp for Captain Hook out at Pol-e-Charkhi?
Hello Waheed, first, welcome to the blogsphere---I wish you all the best with your blog. I expect to be a regular visitor.

Sometimes seemingly simple events signal greater changes. It is very encouraging to hear of the women's fitness club. Please keep us posted!
bobby, I passed on your comment to Waheed while he was online, and his response was "i was in KMTC but for short time".
Paul, do you know if Waheed worked for 3rd Lewar (sp?) of the ANA's Central Corps? I knew a Waheed who worked as an interpreter for Captain Todd Hook when he was the reconnaissance trainer for the QRF Brigade (I think Brig. Gen. Zmarai was the commander). They worked out of the ANA compound at Pol-e-Charkhi (I'm not sure what it's called now). That would have been from the summer of 2003 through November/December of 2003.

If Waheed has a brother who is in the States, and a Russian sister-in-law (the wife of that brother) in one of the former Soviet Republics (I think it was either Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan), then it's probably him.

If so, this is a small world, indeed!
This is the sort of news I love to forward to liberal aquaintances who will not get off the Bush-is-stupid thing. I do it to force them to admit such changes in your country are good, but they are still too proud to admit it... but I will keep sending...
This is great news, Waheed. I wish you would publish some photos with your posts!
Hi Waheed,

I just found your blog. I'm glad to hear about the women's fitness club. Afghani women deserve the best.

Keep up the excellent blogging.
"I am keen to solve the problems of the women".

Good for Nima! Once she's finished, maybe she can come to America. Some American women think they have lots of problems.
Dear Waheed,
I just learned of your site through Iraq the Model and I am very impressed. This is wonderful news. I am in America, and I have to use a walker. I wish I could go to a club like this! Maybe one day we will catch up to you. As for now, I continue to pray for Iraq, the United States, and your country. May God put His hand of protection over all of us.
bobby, he says he is not that Waheed.
How fantastic! When the Afghanistan delegation walked into the stadium with this gal carrying the flag, it brought tears to my eyes. That the small delegation was there at all was a miracle. The few brave women participating in the Olympics weren't covered well in the press so I had to scour the web for news of their progress. I couldn't believe how brave they were to pursue their dreams. Best wishes to all the women in your country!
Please let me know the address of this fitness club as i interested to join it.My email address is laila.yari@gmail.com.
Waiting for reply
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