Ex-Taliban leaders stand on Parlament

Former Taliban foreign Minister Wakil Ahmad Mutawakil along with four other former Taliban members have registered to be candidates in the Sept.18 parliamentry election. All five former Taliban members are running as representatives of southern provinces, which were strongholds during theTaliban regime. Mutawakil, the former Foreign Minister, and Mullah Khaksar, former Deputy Minister of the Interior, and other Ex-Taliban officials have nominated themselves for Parlamentary election. These few Taliban members are considered relative moderates. They have renounced the ongoing Taliban insurgency against the Afghan Government. They are trying to fill the country's new 249-seat parliament and help change their country by winning seats as independent candidates. The Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah welcomed the nomination of the taliban leaders in an interveiw saying, "These Ex-Taliban leaders who have nominated themselves as parliamentary candidates are ordinary Afghan citizens and under the Afghan constitution they have the right to take a part in political activities." According to the ISAF, a local radio station said on saturday two low-ranking Taliban officials have joined the ongoing national reconciliation process, Gul Amir and Mulla islam pledged to support the government's reconciliation efforts to bring permenant peace to the war ravaged country. Earlier this month two high-ranking Taliban leaders including Mullah Mohammed Nasim former Governor of Zabul, and Mufti Habibur Rahman, a famous commander of the Taliban had pledged their support to the Afghan gorvenment

The people of Afghanistan are happy with this political development. because thecoalition and Afghan forces and Taliban insurgents suffered numerous casualties over the past three years fighting each other. Many innocent people were killed during these clashes. Most Taliban members can join the peace process , With the exception of Mullah Omar and a few other Taliban members. President Karzai has mentioned this many times in his statements. He says we welcome all Taliban who want to join the reconciliation program; Karzai is continuing talks with the taliban for the sake of establishing peace in the country. The former US Ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad, and the commander of coalition forces in afghanistan also took a part in the talks,as a result, a number of Taliban commanders have stopped fighting against the government and surrendered themselves to the Afghan government.

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I thought that President Karzai's position on amnesty for some of the former Taliban was a smart one. The longer people see that they can come back into Afghan society, the better this will work. I will keep watching and hoping.
Dear Waheed,
I hope everything turns out for the best. I am a little uneasy, but it is not my country. I am still angry at the Taliban for the way they treated women, anyone who didn't follow them, etc. They violate civil rights and basic human decency. I thought most of them were from outside Afghanistan, anyway? Is this wrong?

It is good to hear from you again. I am glad you are fine. May His peace be with your family and you. Have a great day.

that is good that they are integrated in democratic voting rather that fighting the goverment

after all the pen is mightier than the sword
The only good thing I can see is that people are putting down guns and picking up campaign slogans.

If these folks are serious about campaigning and not shooting(or beating women and children) than this is a good thing. If however it is a way to regain power, than this is really really bad.

I suspect however the Taliban will never have enough popular votes to return to power. Getting a little representation may actually accelerate the process of bringing the country together. It's been at war far too long and after all everyone is entitled to an opinion and a vote.

Let the healing begin.
It is interesting and a good sign in my opinion.
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