Suicide Blast in an Internet Cafe

A suicide bomb blast in an internet cafe in Kabul killed three people, including a UN official from Burma, and injured five others at 5:50pm local time Saturday. According to some eyewitnesses, the blast hit the internet cafe immediately after an unusual suspect stepped into the cafe. Around 15 people, including three foreigners, were busy using the internet when the bomb blasted. The name of this internet cafe is Park Resident Internet Cafe. It's in the ground floor of the Park Resident Guest House where a large number of foreigners stay and also come to use the internet. Park Resident Internet Cafe is the first internet cafe in Kabul and it used to be the most expensive one too. This net cafe is located close to the very main area in downtown Kabul. It's beside the main road and opposite the first Microfinance Bank located in "Shar-e-Naw", which means "new city". A lot of non-government organizations are located around this area. I used to go to this internet cafe during the year 2002 and 2003, because it was the only internet cafe in Kabul and there were a large number of foreigners wanting to get a seat. Every time all 20 computers were occupied. During that time the internet cafe security guard didn't let the locals to use the internet. Only those Afghans who had an NGO ID card were allowed to go in. I had a US interpreter ID card so I could go. But after some other internet cafes started operating in different parts of the city, the Park Internet security quit asking for ID cards and everybody was allowed to go to this cafe.

This internet cafe has been targeted by terrorists because a large number of foreigners come to use the internet. Fortunately there was no usual crowd of visitors because of incessant rain in recent days. The Taliban spokesman Hakimi denied the Taliban's involvement in this terrorist attack and the Ministry of Interior Affairs is investigating the explosion. I got some messages from dear readers asking me if I was safe. By the grace of God I am safe. I don't spend much time in internet cafes after I bought a laptop. I write my blogs on my laptop and I just use the internet for 25 minutes to send the blog and check my email. Soon I will have an internet connection so the terrorists will not be able to target me.

I'm glad to know you're safe, Waheed. I wonder if the terrorists have found out about your blog and are trying to target you in particular? Anyway, glad to know that the donated money is going to make it impossible for them to get you!
Dear Waheed,
Thank God you are safe. All praise be to Him.

I find some good news in this story. Do you mind? I think it is good that there are more cafes springing up. That shows me there is capitalism spreading in the country. Is that a correct assessment?

I am also finding that people in Afghanistan are really interested in learning and dreaming. You can never take away the spirit of a free people, unless they refuse to fight for it. Freedom is never free. Like so many other things in life, the only things worth having in life cannot purchased with money. Love, clean air, heat, beauty, art, mountains, plains, etc.

Thank God you are safe. I look forward to your next post.
Keep us appraised of what's going on your way and stay safe.

Looks like it's a bad week for terrorists all over the region; hope it only gets worse for them.
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