Taliban prisoners released from US detention

Eighty-five Taliban prisoners were released on Sunday from different US military bases in Afghanistan. This was the second largest release of prisoners by the US military and comes two weeks after the US released 17 Afghan prisoners from its military prison center at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Due to the Afghan government reconciliation program, the US military handed over these prisoners to the Afghan government to be returned to their villages and homes. The Afghan government reconciliation program is to bring fighters from the former Taliban regime back into normal life. Some prisoners who were captured during the US-led military operation were suspected of having a relationship with the Taliban. 70 prisoners were freed from the main US-led military base, Bagram, north of the capital Kabul, while another 15 prisoners were released from a US military base in Kandahar. According to the Afghan officials, they pleaded not guilty and they posed no threat and they swore to be loyal to the government. A lot of eople expressed their worries over the release of large numbers of Taliban prisoners. People are concerned about them returning to the Taliban and re-engaging in war against the Afghan government.

Is this true?

"A top Taleban commander and dozens of his men have surrendered to the Afghan government as part of an arms-for-amnesty scheme, a military official said yesterday. Mulla Abdul Khaliq, locally-known as Haji Malam, and 40 of his guerrillas Monday surrendered to Afghanistan’s military forces in south-central Uruzgan province, Muslim Hamed, the military commander of southern region told AFP."
I would hope that they could remember things like family, friends and female companionship -- and forget the whole Taliban thing. But you never know.

I suspect, if they take up arms again and are captured again -- they won't ever leave prison.
Dear Waheed,
They are not the only ones that are concerned. I do not want any innocent people die at their hand. If they commit another murder, they should have a real trial, if found guilty because of the evidence, then given the death penalty. These procedures must be followed to make it fair. That is...if they are caught alive.
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