Afghan forces Destroy Country's Largest Drug Bazaar

Afghan security forces, during an operation conducted in Bahram Chah Bazaar of in Helmand province; recently seized 2 1/2 tons of opium and destroyed the largest illegal drug market nearthe Pakistan border. Hundreds of these smugglers escaped across the forntier. During the three-day operation noone was killed or injured.there are usually 1,000 smugglers and traffickers of opium and heroin every day at the Bahram Chah bazaar. This bazaar is only 80 metters {yards} away from the border with Pakistan. Deputy Minister of the Interior of Counter Narcotics (Gen Mohammed Daoud) told reporters at a press conference that approximately 250 Kg heroin, 2.5 tons of opium, and 3.5 tons of chemical liquid used in the manufacture heroin have also been confiscated during this successful operation.

The bazaar was not been targeted earlier because it was considered too remote and well protected. More security forces have been deployed to Bahram Chah to prevent and control possible reorganization of the smugglers in the area. Gen Daoud showed a video of the raid by Afghan Special Narcotics Forces. Dozens of soldiers and officers with guns at the ready and scarfs warpped around their faces were riding on the back of pickup trucks driving toward the drug markets,but there was no fighting because all the drug traffickers had fled,the video then cut to the shot of a small fire, which were seized drugs being destroyed.This is the first time that the Afghan Narcotics Forces conducted such an operation in a mountainous region along the border with Pakistan where hudreds of Taliban Militias are believed to have hidden. Bahram Chah is very near Pakistan and all the smugglers and traffickers involved escaped across the border. The capacity of the Afghan Narcotics Forces improved greatly with each passing year.in 2002 The Afghan Narcotics Forces confiscated only three tons of drugs, but in 2003 the quantity shot up to over 100 tons. So far this year we have seized around 50 tons of contraband. According to the official government of Afghanistan, they are determined to remove the shame of drugs and to take serious action against those involved in the processing and trafficking of drugs. The Anti drug operation will begin soon in other parts of the country as well.

Dear Waheed,
This is wonderful news. I hope we bring some food or other products for the farmers to grow. I believe as long as they are happy and can make a decent living, this problem will grow smaller.

How are you? I am well. You be careful. I hope your family is well. Don't forget to play your little ones! Give them a hug for me. Have a great day.
Why aren't anti-drug operations being conducted around the Iranian border as well?
they will start operation around the iranian border soon but Jen Daoud didnt mention the exact time i hope they will start serious operation all over the country against trafficker and smugglers and punish all those who have hands behind this
Yet another positive story the Western press will either mumble, or not speak of at all.

In case nobody's told you lately, it's a valuable thing you do here.

good to see that security forces are beginning to make headway against drug traffickers
Good to see some things are changing. It will be necessary for the Anti-Drug forces to be rotated to keep from being corrupted though.

It is also absolutely imperative the farmers be educated, equipped and enabled to grow crops that are profitable, transportable and legal. This will require some infrastructure as well as equipment and should be paid for by the drug consuming nations to eradicate this plague from the region. One can not expect the farmers to starve while they eradicate opium from Afghanistan.
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