20 Taliban Commanders Join Peace Process

20 Taliban commanders have surrendered to the government in the western province of Ghor last week. The commanders are reportedly the candidates of the parliamentary and provincial council elections. They have surrendered their weapons to the Disarmament Demobilization Reintegration (DDR) and they declared their full support for the Afghan Government.

According to the complaints commission of the parliamentary election, the names of 233 candidates have been canceled from the primary list after discussions. 208 candidates are still armed and they have not yet handed over their weapons to the DDR process. 13 of the canceled are those who have not resigned from their govenmental posts yet, and 12 others have not collected the number of signatures that is needed according to the election rules. Most of the former commanders handed over their weapons to the {DDR} process in order to participate in parliamentary elections, but a number of them have been canceled from the list that was prepared by the complaints commission. These commanders had a consultative meeting in the capital Kabul yesterday, to find a way of solving their problem. More than 50 commanders from different provinces participated in the meeting and they expressed their views regarding the problems they encountered. One of the participants, commander Noor Habib, said they are trying to find a peaceful way to solve this problem. He added that although they have handed over their weapons to the DDR process and have also received appreciation letters, their names have been canceled from the list. The commander believes that some hands are working to get them out of the poliical field.

According to reports, a week ago 18 commanders of Hezb-e-islami Gulbudin Hekmatyar joined the peace process and turned themselves in to the government in Paktia province. The commanders came under the terms of the Afghan government's amnesty program. Most of these commanders returned home after living for years in Pakistan. After a meeting with Paktia governor Taniwal and coalition representatives, all 18 commanders signed statements pledging loyalty to Karzai's elected government, including an agreement not to possess heavy weapons or take up arms against the Afghan government or coalition forces.

We need to read your commentary on the news you are reporting please..you are an Afghani...please do not just report/translate the news...tell us what you think about it, do you believe it??, is it what you are feeling and seeing on the "ground"..how do you feel about the news you are reporting?

Nobody will read your blog if all you do is regurgitate news from other sources...we want to hear how you feel...how is your family/friends...what are they thinking and feeling...how afraid/safe are you....please tell us more about you and the Afgani people...news is just news unless you who is living it tell us how you feel??
Hello dear rosebuds
actualy i dont translate from the other source only i translate from some local sources. i have written some articles and expressed my opinion about the US presence and i gave a lot of information about everything which you can not find from other sources i will try to not send news and give only my opinion but some people WANT NEWS they say we can not get much Afghnaistan's news from our media. Some news which is about thr clashes between insurgents and ANA i get this kind of news from some ANA officers which other source canty really get it
Waheed, I agree with rosebuds. When people say they want news from Afghanistan, they really mean they want analysis from someone in Afghanistan. That can be your analysis of the London bombings for example. What did you think of them? We're not interested in reports that say "x soldiers killed, y militants killed". You may as well tell us how many car crashes occurred in Kabul each day. Not interested.

You can tell us instead your opinion of how the war is going. Are the militants being defeated? Or are they gaining in strength? Are more people in Afghanistan starting to support the terrorists, or less? Who is going to win the next elections? Who do you HOPE will win the next elections? Are people getting sick of US forces "occupying" their country? Or are people very happy with the foreign forces, and would like them to stay, providing some bases? Do the Afghan people want Afghanistan to join NATO?

Get some opinions from the ANA soldiers, even if they're full of shit.

Dear Waheed,
Yes! Please continue to give us the news which we cannot find anywhere else! I also enjoy your opinions. lol. Feel free to express yourself. You are free! I pray for your family and you.
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