10 Taliban Fighters Killed, 14 Captured

At least 10 Taliban insurgents were killed and 13 others were detained in the past three days during a cleanup operation in Paktia province, according to the press release of Defense Ministry. Soldiers of the Afghan National Army {ANA} killed six suspected Taliban rebels and captured 13 others in the troubled southeast Paktia late last week. The statement said the cleanup operation which started on Thursday ended successfully, killing six Taliban and arresting 13 others in Paktia province. The troops of the Afghan National Army also seized thirteen assault rifles from the militants.

At least three other Taliban militias were killed and one was arrested Friday in Deh Rahwod district of southern Uruzgan province during a clash between Taliban insurgents and Afghan National police in which two Afghan National police were wounded. The fight occurred when Afghan and U.S. forces patrolling in the area came under attack from an unknown group of rebels. During the incident a rocket-launcher and some small arms were also seized.

Meanwhile one insurgent was killed by a roadside bomb while he was setting the explosive device in the way of an Afghan and U.S. military convoy south of Kabul. His target was Afghan and U.S military convoy but he was not lucky and he was killed by his own bomb before he harmed the joint convoy. Afghan and U.S forces are fighting successfuly against the enemies of Afghanistan in recent operations. The Taliban vowed to derail the parliamentary election which will be held on 18 September. Therefore they have intensified their attacks against the Afghan government and coalition troops. We hope that our National Army troops with the help of coalition forces will continue to fight the enemies of peace and stability until the nation is free of enemies, so our nation will have a safe and bright future.

That is great news to hear! How come the media doesn't report this to the world?

Anyways, keep up the good news (post more often if you can). Thanks!

~A blog fan of yours
Waheed, I am glad the security is successful in dealing with the Taliban units. Afghanistan has suffered for so many years. You deserve freedom and peace.
Hey Afghan Soldier, I was just wondering, I know this is a bit off topic, but what do you think about the situation in Iraq? Always wanted to hear an Afghan opinion on the conflict.
i will post my opinion about situation in iraq i have been really busy with my job but i hope soon i will be able have more time and post an article
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Kill em all and let Allah sort them out.
Is there a point in capturing the Taliban armed forces?

There is no evidence these people will ever conform with the majority of Afghan people.

It seems a waste of time and resources to house and feed these nuts. Those sparse assets(housing and food) should be used for the returning refugees and not murderous combatants.

Why not just shoot them and be done with it? They give no quarter so they should receive no quarter.
My goodness! I agree with Bryan! I was going to ask the same thing.

Why not line them up, ask a question. If it's a lie, shoot him dead and go to the next. By the time you get to the end of the line, maybe they would have gotten the message? Even so, shoot him anyway.

That is his punishment for killing all those innocent people, even if he didn't pull the trigger. In our country, if you are involved in the same outfit, then you are as guilty. No excuses.

Have you ever heard of "citizen's arrest"? That is where any citizen is allowed to arrest a person for a crime and hold them using "reasonable" (not more than necessary) force until the police come. That might be a good idea.

Have a good day!
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