Taliban Assassinate Afghan Woman

Taliban rebels gunned down a woman in the Mizan district of Zabul province Tuesday night on a charge of spying for the US military, a government official said on Wednesday. Some armed Taliban rebels entered the house of the lady during the night in Mizan district and killed her in front of her family and took the father and brother of the accused woman to an unknown location. He refused to give more details. Taliban spokesman Latif Hakimi took responsibiliy for the incident and said that Taliban fighters took two family members of the lady into custody.

Suspected Taliban rebels have killed many goverment officials, religious leaders and Afghans working for the Americans and coalition forces in the form of interpreters and contractors. Over the past two months over 10 pro-government religious scholars and influential leaders have been killed on charge of espionage for the US Army in Afghanistan. It is the first time that the Taliban have executed a woman on charge of spying and supporting the Afghan government and US presence in Afghanistan. The remnants of the outsed Taliban regime called on people to stop working for Americans in Afghanistan or face death.

Three days ago Taliban suspects killed the head doctor of Under district of Ghazni province who was a candidate for the provincial council in Ghazni province. After the attackers shot him the villagers took arms and open fired on the attackers and one innocent villager was killed and two attackers were wounded and they were captured by locals and handed over to police. But two other attackers escaped from the area. In an interview the provincial police chief said that after the incident he went to hospital and met the two injured Taliban and asked them why they killed the doctor. He was not a goverment official and he was not an Army officer - instead he was a doctor and he was helping people and he was not an armed man. Was it good to kill a civil servant? One of the patients replied "I don't know - our commander ordered us to kill him". Eight parliamentry candidates have been killed so far in different parts of Afghanistan by the rebels.

I totally agree with the provincial police chief - it is very cowardly to kill innocent people, especially civil servants like doctors, teachers and other civil servants. I apperciate the district people's effort in fighting the rebels. I hope all Afghans in different parts of the country help police and coalition forces to prevent such attacks in the future.

I am saddened to learn of these tragic deaths. Although the locals could not prevent the deaths, the actions of attacking the attackers speaks of their courage and desire to be free. May your government with the help ot the forces in your country soon rid Afghanistan of these cowardly killers
so that your elections can go forward and your nation become more peaceful and prosperous.
What motivates people to do such horric deeds? Where does this complete lack of empathy & sypathy come from? It's almost like they are just missing some piece of humaness...
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