Killing of Seven Civilians for Carrying Election Cards

Seven innocent civilians was killed by the enemies of peace and stability when armed rebels stopped their vehicle in Gizab district of Uruzgan province on Tuesday. Unknown armed men killed 7 civilians after they searched the vehicle and passengers and found official documents. It was a very cowardly act of the enemies because these civilians were just carrying voter registration cards and documents for the weekend's parliamentary election and they wanted to cast their vote for a better future of their country and they were not armed men and nor were they goverment officials.

In another incident 3 more civilians were killed and 4 injured including a child by a remote-controlled landmine blast in the Tirinkot district of the same province on Wednesday. In southeastern Zabul province a man was hanged by Taliban rebels on Tuesday. He was an intelligence official working for the district intelligence department. He was captured and killed by the Taliban. He was hanged. After all these killings it is impossible to trust the Taliban. However the Taliban announced that they will not target the polling stations during the election day because they don't want civilian casualties. But the killing of these 7 innocent civilians reveals that the enemies try to deceive the people. So when they kill 7 civilian just for carrying voter cards they will also attack and kill the people during on election day. While the Taliban killing innocent people everyday, in the meantime the government has established a reconciliation program in order to strengthen peace. Over 100 Taliban, including a few top officials have joined the reconciliation program but if they again continue the violence against Afghanistan and Afghan people then this program should be cancled and the government must punish the criminals so that no-one dares to use violence against Afghanistan and the Afghan people. Around 50,000 police together with 20,000 Army and some 30,000 coalition troops are ready to provide security during the parliamentary election so I am sure nothing much will happen during the election and Afghans will peacefully vote and elect their honest representatives.

I pray the elections go smoothly.
I had read somewhere else that 100,000 Afghan troops would be providing security (along with US and NATO troops). Although I guess I should not have been, I was surprised that there are that many trained. This is good news and I hope things go well.
100,000 maybe if you count all of the semi private AMF forces.
Looks like all went well. Good work by your troops!
Looks like the election went off without any major problems; good news and likely means the Taliban- as an effective force- is done. That does not mean there won't be random acts of violence carried out in their name, however.
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