Suicide Attack Kills 12 Injures 28 Others

Yesterday's suicide attack was the first suicide attack against the Afghan National Army. The attack occurred in front of the KMTC (Kabul Military Training Center) and killed 12 officers and soldiers and a civilian. It was around 4:30 in the afternoon. The KMTC officers and NCOs usually get off from work at 4:30pm and their vehicle parking is in front of the base. According to the eye witnesses, the man who carried the suicide attack was dressed in military uniform and when three buses were full of ANA personnel and they were ready to drive, the motorbike suicide bomber detonated the explosive device.

According to some ANA source the number of casualties is 15 killed and 40 injured and among the victims there are many civilians also. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and they vowed to carry out more attacks in the future.

It was a very cowardly attack against the Afghan National Army. The enemies are no longer strong enough to fight in the battlefield so therefore they carry out cowardly attacks against the Afghan government and people like roadside bombing killing the parliamentary candidates and other open-minded people. The suicide attacker was dressed in a military uniform and many attacks have been carried out by men in military uniform. The Afghan government should confiscate all illegal military uniforms that are sold in the markets because the terrorists and thieves take advantage of the military uniforms and use them for terror purposes. There must be a big punishment for those who sell military uniforms. All the uniforms should be with the government organizations not with unauthorized people.

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