Liberation of Kabul

Today, the 13th of November, is the anniversary of when the Taliban fighters escaped from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. On this day the Northern Alliance, with the help of coalition forces, overthrew the Taliban regime from the capital Kabul and made them withdraw to the southern and southeastern provinces as they were ousted from Kabul. The Kabul citizens were freed from the hardline regime's prison and they came out onto the roads and celebrated the defeat of the Taliban government and they started their free lives. The Taliban, with their old thoughts and under the name of the peaceful religion Islam, committed inhumane crimes against our people, our culture and history, and dominated the plans of our foreign enemies. During the Taliban regime life was really hard and the teasing of innocent civilians was part of their daily routine. During this government our people were yelling about their violence but there was no one to hear their voices. The human rights organizations and other countries were calm and watching them and unlike some countries established diplomatic relationship with the Taliban regime and they did not pay attention to our people that were telling everyone that one day the terrorists who were sheltered by Taliban will threaten others. But there was no one to listen. Finally, after the 11th of September, the world community, particularly the United States of America, decided to eradicate the terrorists and liberate Afghanistan from the hardline Taliban regime and their terrorists allies.

Terrorists are not participating Muslims, they are just a group who can't fight the big powers and they take their anger out on innocent civilians. Our country Afghanistan is still facing threats from the terrorists and every day many people lose their lives. We must be united to fight the terrorists and eradicate their name from the world.

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