Britain to fight drugs

According to the BBC news, the British government will deploy several thousand soldiers and civilian advisers in order to fight the illegal drugs trade and smuggling in Afghanistan. In my opinion it is a great step to eradicate the drugs trade and traffickers and I am sure the British forces deployment will be very useful. Although Afghan anti-narcotics forces are fighting against the drugs smuggling, they do not have enough forces and equipment to defeat the drugs traffickers. Many Afghan people believe that some warlords and some traffickers linked to the Taliban are involved in the drugs trade and they think some police forces are bribed by the smugglers because their salaries are very low. One policeman only makes US$75 to US$100 a month which is not enough to support themselves and their family. So the British forces will play a key role against the drugs smugglers. Most drug traffickers operate in rural and mountainous areas which are hard for Afghan forces to reach, but the British paratroop-led unit will easily reach those areas.

Most opium is grown in the southern provinces and southern Helmand province is one of the biggest drugs market and the drug traffickers smuggle drugs across the Pakistani border. So in the presence of British forces it would be very hard for the traffickers to deal and smuggle drugs. On the other hand the British forces will train a brigade of 3,000 soldiers for the emerging Afghan National Army and 1800 National police forces and these forces will learn better techniques from the British trainers. We welcome the British forces deployment. Although we fought with the British Army during colonial times, in the 19th century, but that is the past. Now we have to forget the past and work together for a better world. Now Afghans know that Britsh people are their friends and they came here to help us. So if the British soldiers treat our people with respect, I am sure our people will respect them and support them. We hope the British forces start their operations as soon as they get settled in. I am sure the British soldiers will defeat the drug traffickers and this war will be successful.

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