Education Year Ended with Violence in the South

The enemies of peace and stability killed a teacher in front of the school students in southern Helmand province last Thursday. Mohammed Harif was shot to death by the Taliban insurgents after he ignored their orders to stop teaching girls. The attack was carried out by two armed men riding a motorcycle. Teacher Mohammed Harif received many warning letters from the Taliban to stop teaching but he was still teaching the girl and boy students. In a different attack in the same province on Saturday, the rebels opened fire at the school students. These students were waiting to get their final results when two armed men opened fire at them from a motorcycle. The attack killed a 12th grade student, plus a school watchman.

In another two southern provinces, 4 more education workers have been killed by the Taliban guerillas. The Taliban banned girls education during their government so therefore the guerillas have carried out many attacks on the schools teaching girls and they have burnt many school during the night time. But recently they are killing the girls school's teachers and they also killed a student and a watchman in their last attack. In my opinon the Taliban realized that they can not stop female education by burning the girls school so now they are cowardly killing the innocent teachers so no teacher teachs in the girls school. But our brave teachers will continue their teaching despite the enemy's threats.

The education year just ended in Afghanistan and the students are off for 3 months winter holiday so when the holidays finish after 3 months and new educational year starts all school girls should have security guards at the gate to provide security for the girls schools. In the capital Kabul there are security forces in most girls high school so i hope the government will put security guards at every provincial girls school to provide security for the school so the coward enemies will not be able to attack the girls schools.

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