The Victory of Hamas

The Islamic Hamas party have won the election in Palestine and their victory was unexpected to some countries and they showed their concern over the victory of Hamas party. In my opinion now we should admit their victory because they were selected by Palestinian people. The Hamas party has been helping the poor Palestinian people and therefore people voted for them and now the world community should give full opportunity to the Hamas and Hamas should feel more responsibility in order to work for peace and stability and follow the democracy so both sides should be prepared to negotiate with each other and we hope they find a way to solve the dispute in the region. If we glance at the history the fighting hasn't solved the Palestinian issue. Thousands of people have lost their lives from both sides and the issue is not yet solved. So we hope the world community calls on both sides to start negotiations and find a peacful way to stop the fighting.

Hamas should abandon the policy to wipe Israel from the map and think about Palestinian people and Israel must give full right to the people of Palestine inside their land. It is so sad when civilians from both sides get killed in this war - mostly Palestinian civilians give sacrifice. It's enough. War can not solve the Palestinian issue. We hope the world communinty especially the United States, United Nations and other countries work together and ready both sides to negotiate and solve the problem including to establish a border between two countries under the agreement of both sides and this border should be recognised by the international comminuty we hope the new Palestinian government forms in a peaceful environment and works for peace, stability and democracy and the world community should not stop their aid to the Palestinian people - they have suffered a lot in the war now its the time for them to enjoy freedom and live in peace. We pray for the permanant peace and stability in the Middle East.

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