New Wave of Insurgency in the South

The enemies of peace and stability once again intensified their attacks recently as the snow began to melt in and around Afghanistan. Particularly the southern provinces have been the scene of violence and clashes as the Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar urged his followers to intensify their attacks on the government and foreign forces in Afghanistan. As a result of these attacks, just in Kandahar province 14 personnel of the Afghan National Police force, including four Albanian citizens, have been killed during the week. The killing of four Albanians made every Afghan person upset. We express our grief and sorrow to their family members and Albanian people. They came to help our people and our country and they had nothing to do with the war.

The rebels don't not have the power to carry out face to face fights therefore they continue their coward attacks using land mines on the roads, kidnapping the Aid workers and other kinds of inhumane attacks. Last year the enemies intensified their attacks in the same season and hundreds of people lost their lives including the government and foreign forces and more than 300 rebels were also killed. Our people hope that their National Army and coalition forces should begin and increase their clean up operations in the troubled regions and neutralize the enemies plans because many times the insurgents have kidnapped and ambushed the military convoys in daylight so if there will be more clean up operations and check points in those areas it will be very hard for the enemies to carry out their activities.

Everyone knows that the terrorists cross the border from Pakistan and carry out their attacks. Many Pakistanis have been arrested which proves that there is an organization in Pakistan that trains and supports these terrorists. A few weeks ago an ex-Pakistani intelligence member was arrested in the Paktia province and he confessed that he came to plan attacks and target the Afghan and foreign forces. Almost 90% of Afghans believe that Pakistan interferes in Afghanistan's internal affairs. Why can't these terrorists cross the Iranian border and carry out their attacks? Why the terrorists can not use and cross Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan borders for their terror attacks? Why they only come from Pakistan? The answer is that in these 4 countries there is no training camps for terrorists and they are controlling their borders and don't let terrorists use their land for attacking their neighbor country. Pakistan also should not let the terrorists use its land and must take serious action against them.

Our people celebrated new year on Tuesday and they are hoping that the new year will be a peaceful year. We thank all those countries who have sent their troops to Afghanistan in order to strengthen peace and stability and those countries who financially helped us so far and we hope one day we will be able to help other poor countries in the world.




Fate of ex-intelligence chief

The former intelligence chief and deputy prime minister of the communist government, Asadullah Sarwary, was sentenced to death by a court in Kabul 11 days ago. Asadullah Sarwary was arrested in 1992 and spent nearly 14 years in prison without trial and the punishment that was given by the Kabul court was a completely unjust judgment because the court was not able to provide any strong document that shows the involvement of Asadullah Sarwary in killings of people. Only 16 people who missed their relatives during the communist government attended the court and gave testimony that their relatives or family members went missing during the communist government in 1979. In my opinion this was not a good judgment by the Kabul court and they took this decision so quick with out any investigation to prove if claims were true and the court was running like the courts during the Taliban regime where they were making decisions by their own choice. According to the news reports, no defense lawyers were ready to fight Mr Sarwary's case. But these reports were wrong because the defense lawyers were receiving threats from high Jihadi officials in the current government, so therefore Mr Sarwary was defending himself.

It's so sad when the many criminals in high government posts are not being prosecuted - people who destroyed 70% of the capital Kabul and killed more than 70 thousand people just in Kabul from 1992-1996. Every single one of these Jihadi commanders were acting as a king in their area. Looting and killing was done on a daily basis. But now some of them are in the current government and parliament and they are not being prosecuted. People are scared to appeal against them but if the government put these criminals in jail and bring them to justice of course thousands of people will be eyewitnesses of their inhuman crimes. It is clear to everyone that all governments have their opponent. Like the Mujahideen were against the communist government which ran the country from 1979-1992. During this time people killed from both sides and its wrong to stand a former intelligence chief responsible for crimes carried out by others. Mr Sarwary was the intelligence chief for only 6 months and the job of intelligence chief is to investigate not to kill and after investigation if the person was found to be guilty, the intelligence department introduces the case to the ministry of interior and then the ministry of interior takes action against them. Or if any prisoners die in prison that is the responsibility of the Interior Minster and prison commander, not the intelligence chief.

Asadullah Sarwary was sentenced to death while the government run a program called "national reconciliation program" and announced amnesty for the Taliban and other criminals. If the Taliban who are carrying out suicide attacks every day, burning the schools, killing the teachers and doctors can join this process, how come they don't let Assadullah Sarwary to join this process? He has been held in prison for almost 14 years. Is that not enough punishment for him? Also the president Karzai announced that the prisoners who are more than 60 years old should be free from prison and Mr Sarwary is 64 years old and already spent 14 years in prison. It shows that the court's decision was made under the threat of some high jihadi members in the current government. So we hope the world community and human rights organizations appeal against this decision and transfer his second trial to The Hague court in Holland or any other European country and he should be tried in a neutral environment that should give him justice. We hope that the human rights organizations help us in training our judges in new methods and we hope they change our old judgment system.


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