Restricting the Media Activities in Afghanistan

According to the news reports, Afghanistan's intelligence department has issued a two page document to the local media which restricts their activities. This decision sparked the anger of the Afghan journalists around the country because this two page document stops the local newspapers from doing their important and main activities. The free press has made magnificent progress since the fall of the Taliban. According to the Afghan constitution the free press has the right to carry out their activities with out any pressure from the government or any other organizations. So in my opinion the government should reverse its decision and our media should be free to publish the reality and tell our people what is going on in their country. Every day in our newspapers the top articles are about roadside bombing, suicide attacks, militant activities and also there are articles about the ANA and coalition forces attacks on enemies and their success over the enemies. And if our media and newspapers do not report these important news items then there will not be any important news for them to publish and the newspapers will be almost blank because there are not much reports about reconstruction in our country. In the free world the newspapers have the right to publish good news and bad news.

Publishing news about the terrorists attacks will not weaken our government. The terrorist attacks will increase the aversion of our people to the enemies and they will try to help their government to identify the enemies and avoid the attacks. Our people will never support the enemies - they have already suffered war for almost 3 decades and they will never support the enemies of peace and freedom.

Our media is not 100% free and it's still under the pressure of some warlords and Jihadi leaders that are in the current parliament and some government posts - even though our constitution states that those leaders and commanders that have been involved in crimes can not be participating in parliament. But to the contrary, many of these leaders were elected themselves and came to parliament. Our media is not mentioning their crimes because these leaders have influence. There is only one lady who is a member of parliament and she always mentions about the crimes of these leaders in parliament. And once these leaders attacked her with water bottles because she was telling the truth. So we hope our media should be more free to tell the reality and hope our president Hamid Karzai will change this decision, and our media, especially newpapers, should be free to publish the reality about the current situation in Afghanistan.

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