Agreement Between Pakistan and Tribal Militia

The security situation in Afghanistan has been unstable recenty. Suicide bomb attacks occur almost on a daily basis in Afghanistan, particularly in the capital, Kabul, which causes huge casualties to the civilians. Many people fear that the country is moving towards an uncertain future. Most people believe the permanent peace and stability will not come to Afghanistan until the world community targets and eradicates the main sources of terrorists. Every Afghan knows that the Taliban and Al Qaeda get financial and logistical support from outside Afghanistan. The government of Pakistan hasn't done much to prevent the terrorist activities in tribal areas of Pakistan and the Pakistani Intelligence Service ISI secretly supports the Taliban. Hundreds of Pakistani fighters have been arrested in Afghanistan by Afghan and coalition forces with Pakistani identification and many of them confessed that they are organized and trained by the ISI in different camps and that is a strong document which proves the ISI's hand behind the violence in Afghanistan.

Pakistan recently made an agreement with militants active in the tribal areas along the Afghan border, where the Pakistani government has little control. Under this agreement, Pakistani forces and militia forces agreed to end military action against each other and the rebels would not cross the border to launch attacks in Afghanistan. But a few days after this agreement a new wave of attacks and violence increased by the Taliban and pro-Taliban Pakistani rebels in the southern provinces. So in my opinion if Pakistan did not make this agreement, the attacks wouldn't have been increased. This agreement will create more problems for Afghanistan and provide more opportunity for pro-Taliban Pakistani rebels to recruit and train local people for military purposes. This agreement proved that the Pakistani government is not honestly helping the world community in the war against the terrorists and extremists. How come the government of Pakistan guaranteed that these rebels will not carry out attacks in Afghanistan? These tribal militia already support the Al Qaeda and Taliban and since the Pakistan government gave them more freedom now, it's very easy for Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders to hide themselves in these areas and use these areas as a best shelter.

The government of Pakistan must start military action against them and control its tribal areas and destroy their camps. But instead the Pakistan government gave them more freedom so now they are more independent to carry out their activities and do whatever they want. Coalition forces will not succeed unless the Pakistan government quits playing games. Pakistan calls itself a close ally in the war against terrorists. It's just because Pakistan doesn't have a choice and it would come under the pressure of the world community. But on the other hand the ISI indirectly supports the Taliban for its own benefit. Before 9/11 the Taliban and ISI had a close relationship. We hope the United States and other free countries put pressure on Pakistan to control its tribal areas and disarm the tribal militia. President Karzai has a strong commitment to make Afghanistan a prosperous and real democratic country. Therefor he is trying to tell the world that the terrorists and extremists are trained and supported outside Afghanistan and we must take action against them outside Afghanistan. So we hope the world community listens to this and asks Pakistan to take serious action against the rebels. If we fight them inside Afghanistan and Pakistan before the year 2007, they will be finished and the year 2007 would be a year of peace and stability for Afghanistan and there will be more opportunities to rebuild our wartorn country.


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