Pakistani Air Strike

According to recent reports, US aircraft attacked a Pakistani village near the Afghan border which destroyed some houses and killed 18 civilians. The attack was planned to target Aiman Al Zawahiri, the deputy of Osama Bin Laden, but he escaped the attack and some civilians were killed. This attack sparked some protests against the United States in different parts of Pakistan. The government of Pakistan also condemned the attack that caused some civilian casualties. In my opinion if the Pakistan government honestly took action against the terrorists then there would be no need for the US air strikes. Tribal agencies of Pakistan, especially the border areas, have been the main areas of the Taliban and Al Qaeda's activities, and many fighters cross the boder from those areas.

We feel sorry for the civilians lost and we hope tribal people help their government and identify those whom shelter the terrorists. If the government of Pakistan is against the US air strikes on Pakistani soil, then the Pakistan government must take serious action against the terrorists in those remote lands so there will not be a need for the US to conduct military operations in Pakistan. We know that Pakistan is a close ally of United States in the war against terrorism, but Pakistan should prove it by actions, not words. The Pakistani authorities do not have any control over the border areas so the terrorists take advantage of this and continue their plans and activities.

So we hope the Pakistan government puts more troops along the border and the Pakistani soldiers should conduct patrols in those remote areas and search suspicious houses. If they continue this operation for a few months I am sure the terrorist shelters will be appear soon and they will be captured, and a permanant peace and stabilty will come in the region which will be for the benefit of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the whole world.




Kabul People Support the Removing of Security Barriers

The people of the capital Kabul support the decision of their government regarding the removal of the security barriers from the streets of Kabul. These barriers create a huge traffic congestion in Kabul, which the people of Kabul have been complaining about for the last 3 years via radio and TV. They say that Kabul belongs to the people of Kabul and it is not up to others to block its road and footpaths. In some parts of the city, the UN and some other civil and military organizations have blocked the footpaths with security barriers like barbed wire and concrete, so people have to walk on the road, which is not safe. The drivers also complain about this because they cant drive fast so they have to drive slowly.

The UN and other military and foreign organizations should understand the problems of the people and traffic and they have to agree with the decision of the Afghan government. If not, then they can move around Kabul city. It's also for their benefit because they can rent a place much cheaper. Also, those alreas are much safer than the city because the city is crowded and the enemies take advantage of the crowd and then they can easily attack but in those areas if any unknown person gets close to any base, the security guards can easily identify and can take action.

In my opinion the UN and other organizations have the right to have security barriers around their bases they have to be safe and go back home safe. They came here to help us but they also have to think about the traffic problems in the city which the Kabul people face it daily.

So I hope these organizations move around the Kabul city - they will be much safer and they will also enjoy the clean environment of the suburbs. We like to have these friendly organizations in our city but the Kabul streets are not wide enough to put barriers. There are already more than 10 ministries inside this small city and the people are asking the government to move these ministries around the city or expand the city. If these streets were wide enough for both traffic and security barriers then for sure I would support their presence inside the city.


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