Reconciliation in Iraq

Al-Jazeera TV broadcasted a video message from Al Qaeda leader in Iraq, Musa'ab al-Zarqawi, in which he urged his followers to intensify their attacks on American soldiers and other foreign soldiers deployed in Iraq. In my opinion most Iraqi people support their new elected government and parliament. Despite the threats and violence they went to the polling stations and elected their government and parliament and they are making political progress and working for their unity. So in this situation they will not support any insurgency from the rebels. For the past 3 years thousands of innocent Iraqi muslims have been killed during the terrorists attacks. The insurgents are not capable of fighting with the foreign soldiers and Iraqi army so therefor they mostly cowardly target the innocent Iraqi civilians. As we know, it's impossible for insurgents to defeat the elected government of Iraq. So it's for their betterment to lay down their weapons and start their civilian life. I hope the Iraqi government will start an amnesty program. It will strengthen the peace process in Iraq and it will be a great opportunity for those who want to lay down their weapons and join the government.

The Afghan government started a peace and reconciliation program last year and offered amnesty for those Taliban and warlords who wanted to lay down their weapons and join the government. This program was very successful and for the last one year more than one thousand anti-government forces joined this program. So if the new Iraqi government starts the same program, I am sure many insurgents will lay down their weapons and join this program, and it will be for the benefit of the Iraqi people. The people of Iraq elected their government and parliament and I hope now that they work hard for their unity and forget Sunni or Shiite - they are all muslims from one country and they are one nation and there shouldnt be any difference between them, and if they keep their unity soon they will defeat the rebels and make a great country.




Afghan Christian Convert

Abdul Rahman was the first Afghan that converted from Islam to Christianity. Many people think that Abdul Rahman was converted to Christianity during his stay in Germany because there is no church or any school in Afghanistan to teach other religions because except for a couple of thousand Hindus and Sikhs the whole Afghan people are Muslim and they converted to Islam more than 13 hundred years ago and they love and protect their religion and they also respect other religions. That is why these Hindus and Sikhs are living and Afghanistan and they have their religious freedom. Also we have one Jew but I am not sure what part of Afghanistan he lives in.

People from different religions think that their religion is the true religion so even though we don't like their religion we should not have the right to insult and I am glad that in Afghanistan we have not insulted any religion and we will not disrespect any religion. As I said, if the Hindus and Sikhs can live here, people from other religions can also live with out any problem. The only problem is for those Muslims who convert from Islam to other religions. Islam is a religion of peace and we can not force people to be Muslim, its up to them. We can only invite not force. So now the world community should respect our law which has been made for the wellbeing of 30 million people. Free people and government should be free and independent to execute their law inside their countries. Every country in the world has different regulations and constitution and they made it for their people and they should be free to implement the law inside their country. If other countries stop us from implementing our law it means our government does not have the freedom to implement its law. In my opinion he wouldn't be executed. There was some ways that could solve the problem. Our government could solve the Abdul Rahman case. The government wouldn't execute him that soon, it would take a while. But the western pressure on our government did not allow the government to take a decision. It's because our country is poor and relies on foreign aid. In Taiwan and china they execute people who smuggle drugs in. That is their law and no western country interfere because they are rich countries. In my opinion its wrong to execute them for drug business but its ok if they go jail for few years.

After arriving in Italy, Mr Abdul Rahman said they kill you in Kabul if you are Christian and not Muslim. He just said that to get more attention and credit. Of course no one kill you if you are not Muslim. I have seen many foreigners walking in Kabul and some outside of Kabul and they are visiting historical places. No-one has killed them and no-one will kill them. Instead the locals invite them for tea and Afghan food. Yesterday I was walking along an old palace which is far from the Kabul city and I saw 2 men and one woman inside the palace yard and they were taking pictures. Up to now I am scared to go there but nothing happened to them. According to the BBC news now there is worry for the small group of Afghan Christian community in Afghanistan. I say why there should be worry? First there is no Christian community at all if there was why they were not executed? So it means there is no Christian community in Afghanistan.

I mention again people from different religion can live with us like Hindus and Sikhs and there is no problem. In our law and constitution we have the best freedom for our people and our people is totally agree with that. There is freedom of speech, equal rights for men and women and all other good rights that people want in their country. So as other countries implement law in their countries they also have to let us to execute our law in our country to prove that we have a free government.


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