Security challenges in Afghanistan

After the 11th September 2001 tragedy, Afghanistan was finally liberated through the efforts of coalition forces. The Afghan nation has made giant steps towards national reconcilition. However, although a lot has been achieved in the past three years, security is still an issue in the capital Kabul and other provinces, even though some warlords are falling into line and supporting the new Afghan government, there are still illegal militia remaining as a problem in the country. However, 42,000 armed fighters have surrendered their weapons under a program operated by the UN and Afghan Government. Security is a challenge for the government and coalition forces. The poeple of Afghanistan want the authorities to look further and find the commanders of illegal forces and also investigate other officials who play a role in maintaining such troops. The Afghan people strongly condemn the killing of Steven MacQueen, a British advisor to the Ministry of Rural Development and we believe that the killing of Steven MacQueen is heinous and inhumane. Such acts are always committed by criminal and violent extremist groups. These groups are used to committing inhumane crimes. These incidents are happening in Kabul city when the officials claim that the crime rate has fallen by 38% in Kabul and 60% in other provinces. The Afghan people wonder how the enemies of Afghanistan are still able to carry out such crimes. Even in Kabul, the capital, we are still facing a serious security challenge and serious coordinated measures should be taken to prevent any repetition of such cases. This goal can be achieved by reform in security. Our society is in extreme need of security.

The problem is not Security, the problem is fear. Once the Afghan people are sick and tired of these tyrants who commit these crime and get angry enough to no longer fear them the problem will be solved. Afghan people know who these criminals are and where they hide. They also are so afraid that they and their families will be harmed, they do not pass along this vital intel to the proper authorities. They also fear corruption. A country that has not know true freedom and government accountability do not trust the very people responsible for their security. Fear is the problem here. If Afghani people are afraid of corruption, they have no reason to tell authorities where the criminals are. Take heart. Report these criminals and their locations to the US Marines. They will find them and kill them. Afghanistan will never know peace and security until the Afghani people demand it and leave their fears. I truely believe this will eventually happen when the trust of their own government is earned. Once that happens there will be no place in Afghanistan for these criminals to hide.
Are Afghan citizens armed?

What do you think the solution ought to be Waheed? I am in ignorance of the situation in Afghanistan so I would be interested to know how you feel.

In Iraq, for instance, the big push is on training Iraqi Police and Military. Is there a big push for this in Afghanistan? I haven't heard anything about it on our news - which is nothing to be shocked about because the media in America is terribly bad at bringing international news to us.

How do Afghans feel about being a part of the security forces in Afghanistan?
The same call is being made in Iraq. But in these circumstances, it's not just a matter for the authorities. When citizens take responsibility for their own neighbourhoods and report strange or dangerous people and behaviour quickly, that gives police and counter-terror forces the tool they need to make you safe. Otherwise, they are always chasing behind, trying to pick up the pieces and discover who made them.
Waheed, what do you think of warlords like Ismail Khan and Dostum being given posts in the new government ? Do you think this is a wise diplomatic move, or do you think that these figures should be investigated for human rights abuses and punished if they are found to have committed abuses ? Also, I have heard rumours that Steven McQueen's murder was related to the opium trade - what do you think ?
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