Two girls disappear from Khair Khana

Two young girls, aged 18 and 14 disappeared from their house in Khair Khana, a locality of Kabul.
Their parents said their daughters had been kidnapped. The local police said there was no evidence of this.
Nasreen who was 18 and Naseema 14 disappeared yesterday evening at 6:30 pm from Khair Khana. According to their mother Seema the girls disappeared while they were bringing water from a well.
The girls’ mother said she did not hear any noise [of a struggle, etc] "the generator was running and we couldn’t hear anything else".
Mohammed Azim, head of the crime branch of the local police station said "the girls were not kidnapped by force if they were kidnapped by force there would have been some evidence - for example their shoes would have been left behind in the scuffle". The neighbors did not comment on the issue.

Update 2005-03-15: The girls were found two days ago and they were not kidnapped, they went with two guys of their own free will.

Update 2005-03-18: The two missing girls have been found in Kandahar. The two girls who were disappeared from their house in Kabul were located by the police in the southern province of Kandahar. Both of the girls had apparently eloped with two young men who were also arrested. They were planning to go to Iran. Police said the boys had not kidnapped the girls and that the girls eloped with the boys of their own choice. All of them will be
brought to Kabul soon for questioning.

Keep the information coming. Thank you
I'll say a prayer for their safe return. Hopefully they are just exhibiting teenage behavior, but somehow, I doubt it.
Keep us updated please.
I'll say a prayer for their safe return. Hopefully they are just exhibiting teenage behavior, but somehow, I doubt it.
Keep us updated please.
I'll say a prayer for their safe return. Hopefully they are just exhibiting teenage behavior, but somehow, I doubt it.
Keep us updated please.
The police need more training. Lack of a shoe or other evidence doesn't mean they weren't kidnapped. The parents should raise a stink if the girls don't return.

In the US, if you're missing more than 24 hours, you can be reported as missing and the police have to take some action. Although, sadly, many people do go missing around the world and never found again.

let us hope these girls are returned.
Is there much kidnapping in your area, or is this an unusual occurrence? Please let us know what happens.
I hear that kidnapping have become a major problem in the south of Afghanistan and people protesting about the security. According to the news, children seem to be the victims often and that children walking alone are dangerous. I hope the security will improve and the government will hire enough police for the security.
How terrible! Our prayers are for their safe return.
Welcome to the blogosphere and please keep the news coming.
I'll say a prayer for these two young girls and their family. Please update your blog and keep us informed about this terrible situation. Just because they managed to keep their shoes on does not mean they were not kidnapped. Lack of evidence proves nothing. What if they knew the person or persons; therefore, there would BE no struggle. Every possibility needs to be considered. I am sure their parents know their habits more than strangers; therefore, the parents should be respected and their opinions should be taken seriously. Two young girls disappear and the indifference of the police only makes it worse by providing additional time for potential kidnappers to hurt the girls or to move them farther away from their home and family.
Yes, please keep us informed about the girls situation. Thanks! (You have another fan in the blogosphere).
Glad to hear the girls were not kidnapped and appear to be OK.
Even if the girls 'knew' these men, this can't be good.You don't just go to the well and vanish with two guys and go to IRan on their say-so. the girls were either naive or conned into it. if someone offers you such a thing, you go home, tell your parents, and PLAN. you don't go without their permission and SOUND THINKING. some things are universal, the world over. this wouldn't pass muster anywhere in the world! i blame the men.it can't be for good. it just can't. the 18 year old, i can make allowances for, but not at all for the 14 year old. taking her away, that is a crime, period. both the men and the females should have gone home and ASKED first, and done it responsibly, only with SOUND THINKING and permission.
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