Kandahar Police Chief Executed By Taliban

Taliban rebles admitted to executing the Mian Nushin District Chief of Police along with six other policemen on sunday. They have been holding 31 policemen and officials as prisoners since thursday, in the southern province of Kandahar. Mulla Abdul Latif Hakimi who claims to be the Taliban spoksman; said the District Police Chief of Mian Nushin District (Nani Agha) was executed and shot to death by three bullets at 8:30 am Sunday morning after a brief trial of Mullah's Taliban religious leaders. Hakimi added, District Police Chief Nani Agha was involved in killing numerous taliban fighters in Kandahar province since the fall of the Taliban in late 2001. His crime was most serious therefore he should be executed. He revealed that the body was dumped in a village near Mian Nushin district, and the Afghan Government is free to claim the corpe. This is the first known trial and execution by the Taliban since 2001. Taliban guerrillas had captured 31 policemen and the District Chief after attacking thursday and friday night in Mian Nushin District, north of Kandahar province, and taking over main government buildings

Mian Nushin was the scene of clashes last week, when government and coalition forces killed nine Taliban fighters and detained 11 others. According to the new reports by Taliban Spokesman Hakimi, the Taliban have released Malik Noor Muhammed, the District Chief of Mian Nushin District along with some other officials, after tribal elders intervened with the Taliban. An official of the interior ministry told Bakhtar the news, of the captured 31 policemen and officials. And that it had taken place with the help of a conspiring official. He did not disclose the name of the official involved. The Afghan Army and Coalition Forces are preparing for a huge operation in the region.

In another attack, Taliban insurgents have killed a judge and two other intelligance officers in a area south of Lashkarga; the capital of the troubled Helmand province. Thursday night at 7pm Amanullah, the security officer of the Helmand provice, confirmed the deaths and accused Taliban insurgents for the killings. Officials in Kabul have not commented about these incidents as of yet. Kandahar, Helmand, and other southern provices, have been the scene of new waves of insurgency by the Taliban Insurgency during the last month.

I am so sorry for your recent losses. The official who conspired with the Taliban deserves a trial, then he deserves, if found guilty, to die. I do not know if you shoot them or hang them in Afghanistan, but this would be too easy.

In my fantasy way to kill them, I would like to get a lake filled with alligators and sharks. You would need salt water for the sharks. Then, cut little cuts all over his body. Then, put him in the water, and watch the shark eat him! One shark for a shark.

Of course, that is only a fantasy. I would never encourage that in real life. Just because someone is inhumane, does not mean that we are allowed to be inhumane in return. It is what we do individually in God's sight that matters. He will pay for his crimes. Hopefully, we will be forgiven for ours.

Sorry it took so long to respond. I didn't realize I missed this one. Have a good day.
I meant we will be forgiven for sins, not our crimes. Unless we have some! Then we must be very sorry, and never do them again. lol.
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