Kandahar's Blast Was not Suicide says Akbar Khakrizwal

The suicide attack in Kandahar province last week which killed over 20 people has taken a new turn after Akbar Khakrizwal, the brother of slain Kabul police chief Akram Khakrizwal, claimed that last week's bomb blast in Kandahar city's Mosque was not a suicide blast. He warned the government to initiate a serious investigation into the deadly bomb blast, otherwise he would disclose the name of all involved behind this bloody attack. Speaking at a press conference, Akbar Khakrizwal said it was a remote-controlled bomb and the culprits escaped because of the bad security arrangement. He said the bomb was planted and placed under the carpet near the door and exploded when his brother Akram Khakrizwal was exiting the mosque. Giving an eyewitness account, he said he had seen pieces of the carpet flying in the air as a result of the strong bomb blast. He said soon after the explosion the police had to close the exit gates of the mosque and let people go out one by one after undergoing body searches. He added no evidence was found yet to prove the death of any Arab in the explosion and if the officials believe it was a suicide attack then they should present proof to people. He also said that 40 people were killed, while the government said the number of casualties was 20.

Kandahar governor Gul Agha Shirzai said in his statement right after the explosion that it was a suicide attack and was carried out by an unidentified Arab national. Azatullah Wasifi, the governor of Farah province, has also rejected the involvement of a suicide attacker and asked the Kandahar officials to find evidence. Some circles in Kandahar blamed the old enmity behind it. President Karzai has already appointed a high level inquiry commission to investigate into this explosion. The Ministry of Interior spokesman Lutfullah Mashal announced yesterday that the one week investigation revealed that it was a suicide attack and the attacker was an Arab national. He added that they found two feet of unidentified person and during one week all the dead bodies were identified by their families except for these two feet, which proves they were the feet of suicide attacker. The Taliban disassociated themselves from the incident. Taliban spokesman Abdul Hakim said they could not even think of killing innocent people and targeting individuals.

Religious leaders and parties strongly condemn the bomb blast in
Kandara's mosque at a joint press conference on Wednesday. They said Islam does not allow targeting innocent people. They termed it as an inhumane attack and announced their fullest support to the president Hamid Karzai. I think the Kandahra bomb blast was an inhumane attack and it was against humanity and it was a cowardly act killing innocent people at sacred religious places such as a mosque. It is against Islam and the terrorists should never call themselves Muslims because they are not Muslims, as their actions are against human beings. I hope the government will as soon as possible capture the criminals behind this incident and punish them.

I knew it. Afghanistanis never use suicide attacks. Leave that for the Arabs.
Does anyone really know what these maniacal bastards are so pissed off about?

Is freedom and democracy so freightening to them that they kill people at a mosque?

I bet this has way more to do with drugs and warlords than politics.
I'm not sure what word is being used in Arabic, but in English the word "inhumane" is rather moderate. It is only slightly stronger than "unkind" or "unpleasant". And a bomber is not a criminal, he is a terrorist.
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