Parliamentary Candidate Killed in Kandahar

Taliban rebles killed an Afghan Parliamentry Candidate in the area of the Kandahar province. Candidate Abdul Wahid was killed in an attack by an enemy of the country. According to reports, Kandahar Police Chief General Mohammed Ayub Salangi said, "Candidate Abdul Wahid was an open minded person he was very papular among kandahar people and a close friend of President Hamid Karzai." Taliban spoksman Lofullah Hakimi claimed responsibility for the killing and said we have killed another candidate in Gazni province as well. Hakimi said they will kill anyone who works for the government; we already told people many times not to work with the government or coalition forces. He said Candidate Abdul Wahid was spreading propaganda against the Taliban Islamic Emirat. Taliban rebles have increased their insurgencies with a fresh wave of violence against the national government and coalition forces in recent weeks. A few days ago a doctor and six medical attendants were killed in an attack by Taliban rebles in Khost Province in a separate incident. This incident involved a civilian wagon hitting a newly planted landmine killing two passenegers in the wagon. The Afghan National Army and Coalition Forces also increases their attacks on the Taliban insurgents; earlier this week Nine Taliban insurgents were killed, and 10 were injured in an operation conducted by the Afghan Army in the southern province of Kandahar. During this operation 21 rebles were arrested. So far this year over 150 insurgents have been killed in violence. According to US And Afghan officials, dozens of government soldiers and 13 US troopers have also died since march this year. People hope that teh Afghan National Army and Coalition Forces will increase their attacks on the rebles to defeat them completely before elections take place. So they will not be able to creat problems during the Parliamentey election in September. People want to be able to vote in a peaceful environment and atomsphere.

Looks like it is time to hunt the down and kill them. They were offered amnesty if they would just stop the killing. Apparently killing is all they understand. Killing is what they shall reap.
Unfortunately, it appears there is no other option left.
I am sorry for your loss. This is very sad. Is there any way to have the candidates protected by a Secret Service?

That is what we have here. They are special police/army who have special training in protecting these people. They will even stand in front of any bullet or bomb to protect the President. Is that possible? Has anyone thought of it?

It is not a matter of pride when you think of it. You are not doing it for yourself. You have to protect yourself for all the people whom you want to help! It is for them.

I hope you are doing well. I hope you have enough time to spend with your children, so you may raise them up correctly. Help them to understand that freedom is not free, and fighting is not always the best way to handle things. I know these are two sides of an issue. One is when you have no choice, the other is for when you have a choice. May His Peace be with all of you always.
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