24 Afghan Policemen Wounded in Two Different Mine Blasts

One Afghan policeman was killed and 16 others were wounded when a roadside bomb hit their vehicle on Wednesday in the southern city of Kandahar. According to the Kandahar police the blast hit the police convoy while it was passing a bridge in a crowded area of Kandahar city. Officials said it was a remote control bomb which was planted and conducted by Taliban insurgents but no Taliban members immediately commented on the incident. A day earlier on Tuesday in a similar attack eight policemen were injured as their convoy ran over a land mine in the troubled Uruzgan province. Jan Mohammed Khan, the Governor of Uruzgan, confirmed the blast and said the mine was planted by the Taliban rebels recently and detonated by remote control. Meanwhile the Taliban spokesman Latif Hakimi accepted the responsibility for the incident and said that the Taliban fighters were behind the attack. Two U.S soldiers were wounded in a clash with Taliban insurgents in the eastern province of Kunar according to a statement from the U.S. military in Kabul. Hundreds of U.S. Marines and Afghan special forces are trying to take control of a remote mountain valley from insurgents tied to the deadliest attack that killed 19 U.S soldiers in June. 3 Navy soldiers were killed in an ambush and 16 soldiers were killed on a helicopter that was sent to rescue the Marines. Southern and south-eastern parts of Afghanistan have been the scene of deadly attacks by the Taliban insurgents. Since the beginning of this year over 500 people, mostly militants including insurgents, Afghan forces and coalition forces as well as pro-government officials have been killed.

I am afraid this will continue as the Taliban try to disrupt the government agencies and the upcoming elections. Stay strong.
This is why we need the people in each region to be forthcoming with important information as to where the Taliban are. If we are going to put an end to this so everyone can feel safe, we need to rid the place of the Taliban (who is actually al Qaeda) and al Qaeda. I hate it when people die. If they die while making the country safe, that is the only comfort.

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