Rampant Killing

The enemies of peace and stability intensify their attacks in Afghanistan ahead of its first parliamentary elections next month. Every day the terrorists cowardly kill innocent people under the name of spying for U.S Army and working for the government. In recent months the Taliban have killed dozens of innocent civilians such as religious scholars, village leaders and pro-government officials in different provinces such as Uruzgan, Zabul, Helmand, Paktia, Ghazni and Khost and once again show their cruel faces to the Afghan people. Over the past 7 days the rebels killed more than 10 civilians including a woman who was killed in front of her family, accused of spying for the U.S military in Zabul province. In another incident in Helmand province the enemies of peace beheaded 5 civilians accused of facilitating the government and in the same incident they killed two people in Ghazni province on Thursday evening, accusing them of spying and facilitating the U.S-led coalition forces. On Sunday the rebels killed a religious scholar with one of his fellows in Kandahar province and they killed another parliamentary candidate on Saturday.

The Afghan people believe that the Taliban who committed high crimes against the Afghan people during their regime are still committing crimes and they are crueler than before and they obey their foreign bosses and under their orders they kill innocent Afghans which in against humanity and against Islam. Meanwhile the Taliban spokesman Abdul Latif Hakimi said yesterday that the Taliban fighters will not attack polling stations during the parliamentary election but he vowed that they will continue war against the government and U.S-led coalition forces. On one hand the Taliban condemned the election and kill candidates and warn people not to take part and vote during the parliamentary elections, but on the other hand they announce that they will not attack the polling stations. We should not trust them because if they are honestly not attacking the polling station then they should stop killing the religious leaders and village elders and other civilians - otherwise people will not be deceived. General Azimi, the spokesman of the Defense Minister, welcomed the Taliban announcement and said it is a big change in Taliban policy. Meanwhile the US military spokesman referred to the announcement as a positive step.

I think we must not believe the Taliban's word. They said they will not attack the polling stations but in the meantime they say that they will continue their attacks against government and coalition forces which means they will also attack the polling stations. The Taliban say this because they are not strong enough to attack and disrupt the election. During the presidential election they said they will attack the polling stations but the election ended peacefully. This time we have even more security forces. NATO deployed extra forces to help with security during the election. We hope the Afghan National Army, National Police together with coalition forces tighten security all over Afghanistan so people can vote in a peaceful environment.

"The Taliban say this because they are not strong enough to attack and disrupt the election."
I agree with you on this, and look forward to a successful election and a peaceful future.
I agree the Taliban can not be trusted. My sympathy to the families of the slain. I pray the elections go smoothly and that offensive actions against the Taliban are successful.Thank you so much for keeping us updated. May God bless the Afghani people in their continued struggle for peace and self government.
Dear Waheed,
You are very wise not to trust them. I do not believe the USA trusts them, either. It is diplomacy speak. I hate diplomacy, sometimes!

I am very sorry for the loss of your country people. Is there anyway for people to inform someone in the Army about the presence of these Taliban? Maybe if there were a phone system directly to the police number, the police or Army could get there before they escape?

Do they listen to your suggestions? If not, you can pretend that is what someone said while you are interpreting. lol. You have many good ideas. Why don't you run for office? Safety? I can see that. Maybe after it calms down?

I pray for peaceful elections. I wish we could keep this level of protection all the time. Until your forces and police can get on their feet and do it themselves. The government, however, has to STOP letting people go! They only come back.

Have a wonderful day! :)
How can you trust anything from any group who has the stated goal of murdering innocent civilians in order to destabilize the government.

On the plus side, the Associated Press said they killed some of the guys who were leading and planning these attacks.
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