Afghans Condemn 9/11 Terrorist Attack on US

The people of Afghanistan have not forgotten the deadliest attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon four years ago during which around 3000 people lost their lives. We strongly condemn this cowardly terrorist attack and express our grievous condolences for all American people, especially with those who lost family members, relatives and friends.

I strongly condemn attacks on civilian people and 9/11 attack killed innocent civilians and finished their future hopes for them and their families. This attack was against all human beings because thousands of people from different religions and races lost their lives in this attack and it set families throughout the world in grief for their loved ones. The shocking incident caused the US to decide to fight the terrorists and their partners. During that time the terrorists were the royal guests of Mullah Omar the supreme leader of the Taliban and they made Afghanistan a safe haven for the terrorists where they were training the terrorists. It was the time when Afghanistan and it's people were suffering from the terrorists and thousands of innocent people were killed with charge of belonging to a specific ethnic group. It was the time where Afghans were yelling for help but except a few statements and promises nothing was done to stop the rule of terror. But the 9/11 terrorist attacks opened the eyes of the Americans and the rest of the world so therefore they diecided to fight the terrorists and finish this evil from the earth although it was a bit late.

But it was very good decision to fight and eradicate the terrorists. Islam is a religion of peace but the Taliban with their unique interpretation of religion commited big crimes which Islam does not allow. Such actions are forbidden in Islam but in some countries the Muslims were under pressure and they were beaten and few were killed because they were Muslims. I want to mention that the terrorists are not representing Muslims. That is why they have killed thousands of innocent Muslim civilians in Iraq. I hope all people across the world should know that Muslims are against the terrorists and the terrorists are not representing Muslims. The terrorists have intensified their attacks over the past 6 months in the southern and southeastern parts of Afghanistan which shows the terrorists are still active. We hope the US led coalition together with Afghan National Army defeat and eradicate the terrorists from Afghanistan and we hope that soon the name of the terrorists will be eradicated from entire world.

I do not expect the coalition troops will leave before Afghanistan has a
military sufficient for protection of your county. I understand that Moslems are noit all terrorist. a large group of Moslems are assisting in the recovery efforts after the hurricane. I know from reading the Iraqi blogs that there sre so many good people in Islam. I am sorry that some of that group have so twisted your faith to become terrorists. May we someday live peacefully Moslem, Christian, Buddist and Jew.
we hope, Allah, can remove the terrorist.
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