Assistance Still Required

We still need the assistance of the Coalition forces.

Terrorism is still a threat in Afghanistan and it is hard for Afghan National Army and National Police to fight the terrorists without the corporation of coalition forces. So we still need the assistance of the US-led coalition forces to defeat the remainder of the of terrorists in Afghanistan.

The Taliban intensified their attacks recently in the southern and southeastern provinces and killed dozens of government officials and religious leaders and it shows that the terrorists are still active and they have vowed to continue their attacks on the foreign and government forces in the country so in my opinion the coalition forces should carry out their military activities but with the consultation of Afghan government. And the government must be informed before conducting any military operation. The military operations should be carried out together with the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police and I think there shouldn't be any operation by coalition forces without the participation of the Afghan National Army and National Police. The joint operations have two benefits. The first one is that the Afghan people know that their new Army is able to fight the enemies and the coalition forces are united with the Afghan Army. The second one is that if there are any house searches in suspicious areas, the searches should be done by the Afghan Army and I think the coalition forces must not search the houses of the locals without informing the local authorities. House searching by coalition forces have been unpopular with most Afghans

The house searching is important in suspicious areas because sometimes the enemies hide themselves and use the local's house as a shelter. During the military operations by the coalition forces between the years 2001-2003, the Afghans didn't mind their houses being searched by the coalition forces because they knew that we did not have enough National Army personal to participate in the military operations but now they know that we have a new army and police so the house searching and some other internal issues should be conducted by the Afghan National Army and police. They want to see their government have more authority but they also support the presence of the US and coalition forces in Afghanistan because it is necessary for several years.

The Afghan people thank the US-led coalition and other foreign forces for helping Afghans to overthrow the Taliban and Al Qaeda and with the help of the United State of America and other friendly countries, Afghanistan has achieved great success in the last four years, including a new constitution, presidential elections, having a new National Army, new National Police and the landmark Parliamentary elections which were the last step towards the restoration of peace and democracy.

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