Bungled Suicide Attack Killed 4 in Helmand

Three suicide attackers and one passerby were killed and four other passersby were injured when a suicide laden Corolla car exploded. An earlier attack detonated an explosive device to target a coalition convoy in Girishk district of southern Helmand province Wednesday morning. According to the Helmand governor's spokesman, Mohammed Wali, the Taliban planned the suicide attack to target US troops stationed in the area, but the huge explosive device went off before they could detonate on the American troops. He said the car was completely destroyed and that parts of victims' bodies were scattered all over the place and it was impossible to identify the dead bodies and three passersby were also wounded as a result of the failed blast.

In the meantime the Taliban spokesman Latif Hakimi claimed responsibility for a suicide attack and said the suicide attacker was 18 years old and successfully targeted the US troops in the area killing eight soldiers on the spot. But the Afghan authorities rejected the Taliban's claim, saying the aborted suicide attack was to carry the attack on the US troops but it went off early and no American soldiers were killed - the incident coming a day after a dozen Taliban insurgents were killed in operations in the neighbouring Zabul and Kandahar province. It was the third massive attack after the Kandahar suicide attack which killed the police chief of Kandahar. The Afghan and US troops are intensify their attacks. In a recent attack the Afghan troops and coalition forces killed 24 insurgents and captured 61 others. The operations still continue successfully against the rebels in the southern provinces.

An Afghan suicide bomber? Strange, I had really thought the Afghans were smarter than that.
Strange, I had really thought the Afghans were smarter than that.

Probably imported talent. Afghans ARE smarter than that.
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