Desecration of Enemy Bodies

The recent reports of desecration of the two Taliban militants by the US personnel and insultng the Ganbuz Villagers for sheltering Taliban spread around Afghanistan and caused the anger of some people. Even though some of these fighters are foreigners, it is still not a right action and it is against the Geneva Convention and we hope the US central command must initiate an immediate investigation and legal action (see their response here and here) and punish the offenders. In my opinion, at any place and any combat both sides involved in combat should behave with the captives, prisoners and dead bodies in accordance with the Geneva Convention. It is the first time I have heard about burning the bodies of the enemies. I never heard of it before. Also I have not heard such a thing from the ANA because in some missions the ANA soldiers are operating together with the US Army. I think the bodies of enemies should be taken to the hospital and kept there until their family members receive them. As there are some foreign fighters in Afghanistan, their bodies should be returned to their country and if they are unknown then the local authorities are responsible for their burial. The people of Afghanistan know that the Taliban and Al Qaeda are their enemies so they are not harbouring the enemies of their country. The Taliban and Al Qaeda kill innocent people like religious scholars and aid workers and there have been demonstrations against the Taliban. In yesterday's demonstration in the troubled Khost province, thousands of people including tribal leaders and school students demonstrated against the Taliban and Al Qaeda and they were chanting slogans against the Taliban such as "Death to Taliban" so I dont think any village is sheltering the Taliban.

We hope that the locals and villagers should not be insulted and taunted without any proof. I think the desecration of the enemies bodies were carried out by some American slodiers. It hasn't come from the US Central Command so we hope there will be legal action against those who carried out such an action and we hope in future operations our Islamic traditions and culture should be observed.

Our people are very happy for what they have gained over the past 4 years with the help of the United States and other friendly countries and they are hoping for a bright future of peace, democracy and stability and good relations with all countries of the world.

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