Friendly Fire Killed 4 Policemen in Helmand

Four personnel of the Afghan National Police were killed and another wounded when the US-led coalition opened fire at their vehicle in the southren Helmand province on Thursday. An official from the Interior Ministry called the incident a misunderstanding and said five personnel of the Afghan National Police were carrying one of their wounded personnel and they were dressed in civilian clothes when they were targeted by the US-led coalition forces, suspecting them as insurgents. A US military spokeman confirmed the incident and said the police officers were not in uniform and they tried to drive away quickly from the area. He said "we are conducting an investigation and we regret this incident".

It is not the first time that the Afghan government forces have been targeted by friendly fire. A few similar accidents have happened in the past. However, President Karzai and American officials expressed their sorrow over this incident but still it will not be enough to prevent such an incident in the future, because there is no coordination in military operations. If there is any military operation the coalition and Afghan government forces must inform each other and they should have communication between each other and communication is the best way to prevent such an incidents. So in my opinion, the coalition forces should carry out their operations with the participation of the Afghan National Army and police and if there were Afghan National Army soldiers with US-led coalition, this incident wouldn't have happened. We hope all military operations should be under one command.

The enemies of peace try to get advantage from such an incident but they should know that the Afghan Army and their cooperators are totally united and will remain united till they defeat all the terrorists.

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