Taliban Spokesman Arrested in Pakistan

Abdul Latif Hakimi, the spokesman of the Taliban insurgents, was arrested in Pakistan on Tuesday. Hakimi was the main spokesman of the Taliban insurgents and he was in touch with a few different news agencies and he was reporting by satellite phone from undisclosed locations and he often made untrue claims on behalf of the Taliban insurgents. Many people believed that Hakimi was in Pakistan and he was continuing his activities from there like many other Taliban. The former US Ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad, during his last interview with Tolo TV, an Afghan TV channel, blamed Pakistan for not honestly acting against the terrorists. During his interview he said the Taliban spokesman was reporting from Pakistan against the Afghan government and coalition forces but the Pakistani officials were unable to find him and other Taliban leaders. But the Pakistani officials denied the claim of US ambassador at that time.

The arrest of Hakimi is really important in the current situation and it will also lead to more arrests and we hope he will be handed over to Afghan custody for more interrogation and he should also be questioned for last week's suicide attack that was carried out against the Afghan National Army that killed a number of the ANA soldiers. We welcome the efforts of the Pakistan government for arresting the Taliban spokesman Abdul Latif Hakimi and we hope that the Pakistani Intelligence keep seeking other hidden rebels and their leaders. Such an arrest will weaken the enemies. We hope the Pakistan government will try to find the main source and location of the rebels and find out how they get supplied from Pakistan and where they escape after crossing the border and conducting guerilla attacks inside Afghan territory. The permanent peace and stability in Afghanistan is for the benefit of Pakistan and other neighboring countries in the region.

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