Desecration Update

Even though the burning of the two dead Taliban bodies is not against the Geneva Convention, it's still against the Afghan culture and tradition. Most Afghan people were not upset over the burning of two Taliban dead bodies, but Afghan people were upset because the villagers were insulted by some US soldiers.

Most Afghan people don't really care about the burning of the dead Taliban bodies because they don't have a good memory of the Taliban. During their government life was very hard and they were teasing people for no reason. In my opinion the last decision of the US military that some local Afghan National Army and national police will be consulted in the cleanup operations would be very useful and it will help both Afghan and US soldiers during the operations and if there will be coordination between both sides it will help a lot to defeat the remaining enemies and also our new Army will learn more war techniques from the US Army. I think creating cultural seminars is also very useful - it will give more information to the US soldiers about Afghan culture and traditions and if the US soldiers were more informed and learnt about Afghan culture it will help them to establish a good friendship with local people and if they threaten people well I am sure Afghan people will always support and help them. So I hope all new soldiers that are coming to Afghanistan should be informed about Afghan culture and traditions by an Afghan teacher. It will not take long and they will learn all about our culture in less than a week. We hope for improved friendship with the people of America and all people around the world.

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