After 8 weeks of slow counting, the results of the parliamentary election were finalized Saturday despite allegations of fraud in the counting process. Afghan people hope that their new parliament will start its work soon and this parliament will be a great step towards democratic stability. A number of eminent leaders, mostly jihadi leaders and one female candidate nominated themselves for the post of speaker in the national assembly. We hope an honest person will be elected for the post of national assembly speaker. Although 40% of the winners are former jihadi leaders and warlords, the finalized results show that more than 50 percent of the winners are the supporters of President Karzai so there is not a big challenge to the Karzai government. Most candidates whom lost complain about the fraud but I think even if there wasn't fraud in the counting process they still wouldn't win because most candidates whom lost the election were new faces in Afghan politics. Although some of them were well educated, they didn't have much influence among people, while other candidates who didn't have higher education managed to win, such as warlords and jihadi leaders.

I voted for Ramazan Bashardost, the former planning minister and he got the 3rd position in Kabul. During his job as Minister of Planning he was working hard and honestly and therefore many Kabul's people voted him. Even though he was a new face, his wonderful speeches won the heart of Kabul people and therefore he got 3rd position in Kabul and his presence in parliament will be very useful. Women will also play a great role in the parliament. They are more trustworthy and kind. Afghan women never had a strong voice in politics but now they can fight for their rights. Right now we need a parliament house and the Indian government is working to build it and it cost $US 25 million and it's hard to tell when the new parliament will officially starts its work, but I hope after the announcement of the speaker post our new parliament will start its work and I hope our parliament will open the best way to rebuild our country.

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