Taliban Ignorance Regarding Female Education

According to the recent reports a girls' school was set on fire by the Taliban rebels in Logar Province. This inhumane action is a big enmity against education and female students. Taliban who claim to be good Muslims are committing crimes which are against the Islamic thoughts because in the Islam religion it is an assumption that men and women seek knowledge, and burning schools are the biggest ignorance of the Taliban. It is their own thoughts and it is not related to the Islam religion at all. Our country needs educated males and females in order to rebuild our country. We need educated females in different life processes. We need female doctors, engineers, teachers in order to treat, teach and rebuild our country because females form half of our society and they have equal rights like males.

Some non-Muslim people think that in the Islamic religion the female education is forbidden, which is completely wrong. The Taliban follow an old culture which is not related to Islam. Taliban doesn't follow some instructions of Islam religion. For example, in the Islam religion there is freedom of speech for everyone, knowledge for males and females; Islam prohibits the killing of innocent people from any religion like Muslim, Christian, Hindu. Islam says if you save the life of a person it means you saved the lives of whole humanity and if you kill someone it means you killed the humanity. But the Taliban and Al Qaeda still kill pro-government civilians and aid workers which is completely wrong. In my opinion there is a specific organization behind this that wants to bring illiteracy to Afghan society.

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