Danish Cartoons of Mohammed

I strongly condemn the publication of Prophet Muhammad's cartoons in the Danish newspaper and some other European newspapers. This publication has hurt the feelings of more than one bilion Muslims around the world and caused protests and casualties. The chief editors of these newspapers must be investigated for their unwise actions, particularly the Danish newspaper's chief editor because he was the one who started this. We support the freedom of speech but not to use it in a wrong way to insult religions. People should have freedom to fight for their rights and raise their voices against despot governments and cruel people but not against the religion of others. Mulims deeply believe in their religion so they can not tolerate the insulting of their great prophet Muhammad.

We love freedom and we want to live free but we don't use our freedom to insult others' religions. So we hope people around the world should also use their freedom to make friendship, unity and brotherhood between people of different religions and cultures. I know Denmark is a free country and they have freedom of speech and they have a democratic government so there is no need for the Danish newspaper's chief editor to insult the great prophet of Islam without any reason. We have right to use our freedom of speech against the dictators, terrorists and violence and that makes sense because these 3 things are against freedom. But using our freedom to insult and hurt the feelings of other religions does not make any sense. Instead of making friendship, unity and brotherhood between the nations, it makes sadness and causes bad relations between the other nations. Terrorists do not participate in the Muslims, they are just an organization, and if the European newspapers draw cartoons of Osama and Mullah Omar it's totally fine. In the capital Kabul, the media is free and every day in some newspapers you can see cartoons of president Karzai and its ok but drawing the cartoons of the Prophet are totally wrong because our great prophet taught unity, brotherhood and taught people how to live in peace. During his time he was always helping people from different religions. He had a great personality. He died 1400 hundred years ago and he has not been involved in current situations so there is no need for the Danish newspaper to draw his cartoons. They can draw cartoons of terrorists and the cartoons of any president and there will be no problem. As I said our newspapers draw cartoons of our president and there is no problem. Our newspapers are free but they will not insult others' religions. We will never draw the cartoons of Jesus because we believe in him and we respect him. We will not insult any religion because it will not make us their friend, so we must use our freedom to work for peace, democracy and brotherhood with all religions and cultures. We believe in mutual respect. I know that the Europeans have a tradition of freedom of speech in their countries and they have the right to express it, but not to hurt the feelings of other people. Some Muslims have tolerance but some of them do not. We can tolerate anything so long as they don't insult our religion and beliefs. We respect other people's religions and we hope that freedom of speech will be used in order to improve democracy, peace and unity of the nations and brotherhood. In my opinion no-one should insult others religion or beliefs. I will be against any people who insult the religions of Christian and other religions because it won't be for the benefit of the people.

All people have the right to protest but in my opinion the violance is wrong in protests. In my country Afghanistan, 5 people have lost their lives in protest. It's because our police are not really well educated on how to face the protestors, and I hope they will be able to handle the protestors better in the future so there will be no casualties. I cant blame the whloe Danish and European people because all of them didnt do this action, but I condemn those who carried out such an action. We can't tell them to respect our religion and if they dont want to respect it's ok as long as they dont insult it. Once again I hope we will work together for peace stability and brotherhood and fight bad people and make friendship with whole nations around the world.

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