More on the Cartoons

Although the publication of cartoons was not a good action from the Jylland's newspaper, and it hurt the feelings of Muslims, but all Muslims did not protest. Only maybe less than one percent of all the Muslims protested, not all Muslims. The Afghanistan population is nearly 30 million people - do you think all these 30 million people protested? Of course not. Only a few thousand people protested, and except in two southern provinces and one northern province, the protests were peaceful in other cities.

The western people should also know that Muslims love their prophet more than their own lives, and that is why they can not tolerate any insult against their prophet. And this has nothing to do with Islam, because Islam is a religion which teaches us peace, friendship and brotherhood and Islam didn't teach us to make violence. Those cartoons were just fake cartoons as no-one in this world has seen or remembered how our prophet looks like. The reason why the publication of these cartoons sparked the anger of Muslims is because they deeply love their prophet and they love him more than their own family members and more than their lives so therefor some Muslims could not tolerate it. But even though most Muslims were upset over this, they kept their tolerance and 99.5% of them did not protest.

I really want a peaceful world where people from different religions and cultures live together with peace and friendship and therefor I want to mention something here that will help the western countries to be close to Muslims and there won't be any misunderstanding between the two sides. We know that the west is the best supporter of freedom and we also support the freedom of speech in every part of this world. I just request from the west that now they know that the cartoons created protests and instead of love it created violence, and now they understand this so I hope in the future the western media will not publish such things that causes the anger of people from other religions.

Muslims are very kind and friendly people and they love freedom. During the time of our prophet and during the 4 caliphs of Islam there was freedom of speech for all people and they could elect their favorite leader so it shows that there is freedom of speech in Islam. Some non-Muslims think that Muslims are bad people but when they come to Afghanistan and meet our people they say you people are so nice. For example some American soldiers when they came to Afghanistan, at first they were thinking that people won't like them, but after they did some patrolling in the villages, they saw how people welcomed them and they have drunk green tea many times with the villagers.

So it shows that Muslims don't hate non-Muslims and they like to be friends of friendly nations. Just because of one or two terrorist groups, we cant blame all Muslims. There are many democratic Muslim countries in the world and now Iraq and Afghanistan are also free countries. Although there is still some violence in Iraq and Afghanistan, this violence will not last long and these two countries will be cleansed of terrorists. From then on one should take away the terrorists name from Islam because they just use the name of Islam and they are not good Muslims. There are many other terrorists groups in this world like Mafia, or like those people who smuggle human body parts. They should be also called terrorists and a serious action must be taken against them.

Some western people think that all Muslims are extremist and want violence but this concept is wrong. I hope we can work together and eradicate this concept that all Muslims want violence and we must work together to create new a concept - to create more friendship between the two sides and have mutual respect. I hope that such a thing wont happen again and if it happens against Christianity or another religion I will be the first to condemn it.

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