Successful Military Operations in Baghdad

According to the Centcom press release both coalition, Iraqi army and security forces conducted some successful clean up operations against the terrorists in Baghdad this week. During these operations, a number of suspected enemies, including a high ranking insurgent leader, were captured by the Iraqi security forces. These operations were carried out by coalition force observers. These insurgents have been involved in explosive device attacks against the coalition forces, mortar attacks, kidnapping and killing Iraqi citizens. This operation was a great success for the Iraqi forces where the situation in the capital Baghdad has been unstable and dozens of people have been killed recently in different terrorist attacks.

In another operation, coalition forces killed at least three terrorists during an air strike and multiple raids southeast of Baghdad the afternoon of Aug 3. As well as killing 3 suspected terrorists, the ground troops also seized a huge amount of VBIED material. These VBIED were planned to be use against the coalition forces, Iraqi Army and innocent Iraqi people. The material which was uncovered saved the lives of many people. Conducting such military operations against the insurgents is very necessary and it will destroy the ability of the enemies who are killing innocent Iraqi people. We hope the Iraqi forces and coalition forces together continue their clean-up operations against the enemies all around Iraq and arrest those enemies who are killing the innocent Iraqi people. These military operations ended with no death to non-combatants and we hope both Iraqi forces and coalition forces take more precautions during their operations and air strikes in the future to avoid civilian casualties.

Iraq is in a new phase of its progress and democracy. There is a legal government which was elected by the Iraqi people and a parliament which has representatives of all the Iraqi people. The only thing that needs to be done is deal with the security issue, which will hopefully be solved with the help of coalition forces, Iraqi forces and the Iraqi people. Iraqi people can play a main rule now - it's the best time for Sunni and Shiites to join hands and not let the enemies take advantage and add more fuel to the fire. In all Muslim countries, Shiite and Sunni Muslims live together in peace and brotherhood. So I hope the Iraqi people whould also be united. They are one nation and they have one religion so they should keep their unity. One day Iraq will be in the list of richest countries - there are huge natural resources like oil which will improve the life of Iraqi people and help rebuild their country.

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