Daily Life in Afghanistan

The daily life of most Afghan people is normal but in some southern and western provinces the daily life of Afghans is not very peaceful, particularly for those people who work for government and foreign organizations. They are not feeling safe and they are under threat of the enemies. Recently the enemies have been intensifying their attacks on the villages and they have also increased their suicide attacks and many civilians and foreign troops have been killed during these attacks. Although the living situation in southern and eastern provinces is not very stable, the dalily life in the capital Kabul and other northern provinces seems normal and people live with peace. Although Kabul has been the scene of suicide attacks recently - three suicide attacks were carried out in Kabul in less than 20 days - but life is still normal because people know the enemies use their last power with carrying suicide attacks because they are not able to fight with Afghan and coalition troops so they are trying to create fear among people and destabilize the situation.

In Kabul life is normal - boys and girls go to school, women work in both government offices and non-government organizations. TV channels and radio stations run their programs without fear and freedom of speech has been improving. Many foreign companies have invested in the country and if the security situation gets better, more foreigners will invest and there will be more job opportunities for the Afghans because many Afghans are jobless and they are hoping foreigners, particularly western companies, would come to Afghanistan to open up big businesses, companies and farms where citizens of this country would work day and night to help their country become prosperous. Even though the security situation is satisfactory in the Kabul, northern, western and some central provinces, there is a lack of job opportunities for the people and many people are jobless right now. In Kabul many educated people like doctors and engineers are jobless because there are many doctors in Kabul and all posts are reserved and there is no empty post for these doctors to work. So many doctors work in private health clinics in Kabul, but we still have hundreds of jobless doctors in Kabul while there is a huge lack of doctors in southern and eastern provinces. But due to the unstable situation, these doctors are not ready to work in the southern and eastern provinces. Many doctors and engineers have been killed. The enemies of Afghanistan have been threatening all those people who work for the government and foreign organizations. Three UN workers wer killed on Saturday by a land mine. Last week I met a female teacher from southern Ghazni province and she said that the Taliban have been threating them by letters not to teach girls and they said next time we will come inside the schools with motorcycles and then it will not be good. In southern provinces girls are scared to go to schools - only in some cities they go school, but those girls who live in the villages can not go to school due to situation.

Presidents of three countries - United States, Afghanistan and Pakistan will meet in the Whitehouse in coming days. Afghan people hope talks between these leaders will be useful and they should be able to find a solution to defeat the terrorists in the region. Nowadays everyone knows that the terrorists cross the border from Pakistan and carry out attacks on Afghan and foreign troops. Many Pakistani Taliban have been captured by the Afghan and coalition forces with Pakistani identifications which proves that Pakistan hasn't done much to control its border and terrorist camps which are active in the tribal areas of Pakistan. We hope President Bush puts more pressure on Pakistan to honestly take action against the extremist Afghan people living in the southern and eastern provinces. I hope their kids go to school with happy faces and women will be more secure to educate and there will be job opportunities for people. Most companies have invested in the capital and other western and northern provinces and due to the security situation these companies are not ready to invest in these troubled provinces. If the situation gets better in these provinces many people will have jobs and they will not cultivate poppy because poppy cultivation moves the country backwards and produces a good source of income to terrorists in Afghanistan. So we are hoping the world community will help us to find the real source of terrorists - where they get training and financial support. Once we destroy their main source, in a few months the terrorists name would be erase from this world.

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