Major Offensive Operation against Taliban

The enemies of peace have intensified their attacks since the beginning of this year. Although more than 10,000 NATO international forces have been deployed in the south, the situation is still troubled. Some international media have shown concern that the world community is not fulfilling their commitment to Afghanistan and therefor the situation is not getting better so therefor the US and international troops should target those places where there is training, supplying and sending the terrorists to our country. If Pakistan really calls itself one of the close allies of international anti-terrorism, they should honestly cooperate with the international community and destroy the terrorist camps in the tribal areas of Pakistan and arrest those who persuade and send insurgents and terrorists to our country Afghanistan.

If the international community really want to bring peace and stability to our country, they should put more pressure on Pakistan to take serious military action and destroy the nests of the terrorists, otherwise the situation will not get better and terrorists will cross the border and continue their attacks against the foreign and government troops in Afghanistan. Pakistan claims to have seventy thousand troops along its border with Afghanistan to monitor the terrorist activities and these troops have not been very successful and haven't done any specific operation against the terrorists. So it will be very useful if these troops fight the terrorists inside Pakistan where they grow. If the government of Pakistan deploys some of its troops in the tribal areas and these troops start patrolling and searching the houses and other suspected areas, I am sure the terrorists will be eradicated. And if the Pakistani army is not able to defeat them, then they should call for help and let the inernational troops fight them.

The president of Pakistan general Pervez Musharraf came to Kabul today for an official visit. The purpose of this visit was to strengthen bilateral reations. This visit occurred while the situation is very troubled in the southern provinces and the Afghan gorvernment believes that the militants cross the border from the Pakistan side and carry out their terrorist activities. President Karzai and President Musharraf had one to one talks today and they were looking very satisfied of their talking and both leaders urged joint terror fight. We hope that President Musharraf honestly fulfills his promises and our people hope that President Musharraf starts a major operation against the terrorist camps in Pakistan. After the ouster of the Taliban, Pakistan could capture many terrorists and could control their activites because the Pakistan intelligence knew everything about the Taliban. They were supporting the Taliban against the Northern Alliance before September 11, 2001. The government of Pakistan didn't honestly cooperate with the world community. Now it is still not too late and we hope Pakistan will do much more to defeat the terrorists. NATO and Afghan National Army are conducting a major operation against the insurgents in the southern provinces and more than 220 insurgents have been killed. This operation was planned a month ago, and the local elders were informed to leave their villages because the enemies try to use civilians as a shelter to save themselves. This was the biggest joint operation of NATO and Afghan forces and therefor it was very successful and no civilian deaths have been reported. We hope this operation will continue and all operations should be conducted with the coordination of the Afghan Army. We witness that every joint operation of the Afghan and foreign troops have been more successful.

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