Operations Against Terror should be Expanded in Pakistan

For the first time the Pakistani Air Force conducted an air strike against suspected Taliban in Bajaur, a tribal area of Pakistan, which killed over 80 Taliban. Bajaur is a tribal region in Pakistan which has a joint border with the eastern province of Afghanistan, Kunar. The Pakistan government does not have full control over Bajaur and Taliban fighters have been crossing the border to carry out their attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. So Kunar province has been one of the most unstable provinces in the eastern provinces. President Hamid Karzai and other high ranking Afghan officials have claimed repeatedly that the terrorists get training, financial and logistical support from outside Afghanistan and we need to destroy their training centers outside Afghanistan. But the Pakistan government has always denied the existence of terrorist camps in their country. During the joint meeting of presidents Hamid Karzai, G.W. Bush and Musharaf, when president Hamid Karzai said that Pakistan should take more action against the terrorists and destroy the terrorist camps in Pakistan, president Musharaf got very emotional and used improper words against our president and called him an ostrich which is far from diplomatic respect and does not deserve a president to use such a words against the other president.

Many other countries like England, France and Canada asked Pakistan for more assistance and have blamed the Pakistani intelligence service ISI for supporting the Taliban. Under these requests, for the first time Pakistan took a huge action against the rebels and we welcome this and hope or more actions.

This operation proved that there are many terrorist camps in Pakistan where they are recruiting people for insurgency and training them to learn military techniques in order to fight the coalition and Afghan forces. This operation was the first significant step against the militants in Pakistan and if the casualties were really the terrorists and insurgents then the Afghan people support it and they hope the Pakistan government takes more such actions in other tribal areas of Pakistan and destroys all the terrorist camps, then hopefully a permanant peace will come to Afghanistan soon. In my opinion only air raids will not be very effective and the terrorists will keep changing their locations and these air strikes increase risk of civilians deaths. But if they have correct information about the terrorist shelters then the air raid is an easier way to end up, so we hope the Pakistan army should also carry out ground operations against the rebels and control their tribal areas with their own troops and put more soldiers in suspected areas and establish checkpoints, patrols and house searches. This will be very effective. It is a shame for Pakistan government - they are an atomic power but they do not have any control over the northern parts of their country and they blame our president for not having control outside the capital. I think we have more control with our small number of army and no-one can use our land against another country and send terrorists to destablize the peace of another country.

If president Musharaf didn't know about the existence of terrorist camps in his country, after this operation he knows that there are many terrorist bases, and now he should honestly support our government and take serious action against the enemies of peace and stability and hand over all the rebel leaders to the Afghan government and destroy their camps in Pakistan and if Pakistan continues more and serious operations, after a few months a permanent peace will be established in Afghanistan and it will be for the benefit of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the world community.

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