Almost three decades of war destroyed Afghanistan. First it started between Mujahideen, communist government and the Soviets. And after the Soviets were defeated, the civil war started. The main reason for the civil war was the interference of the neighboring countries. Pakistan, Iran etc interfered in our country and supported different parties and militias for their own benefit so it caused the civil war. The civil war started in Kabul between different Mujahideen parties over the control of the capital, Kabul and then this war was sparked in some other parts of the country. During this time the Taliban movement started their activities from Kandahar and in few weeks they gained control of the southern provinces and started moving towards the capital Kabul. At first people were thinking that the Taliban may end the civil war, but it didn't happen. They made life hard for our people and banned our people from their personal freedom. Media was forbidden. There was no freedom of speech. TV was banned and there was only one radio station that belonged only to the Taliban, so life was really boring.

During this tragic period of time, the Afghan people suffered from basic needs of life like education, health care and other basic needs. We lost everything. Our economy went down and once 950,000 Afghani was equal to a US dollar. Our museum was looted, our tanks and weapons were sold to the neighboring countries, and our strong army was destroyed. Most people sold their houses and other things to get out of Afghanistan and millions of Afghans emigrated around the world.

Before the Taliban took control of the capital, Kabul, some of the northern allies were fighting between each other. But after the Taliban took the capital, Kabul, the northern allies became united to open a front against the Taliban, and the fighting continued between the Taliban and northern allies in northern provinces from 1996 till 2001. Sometimes the Taliban made advances and sometimes the northern allies did. Once the Taliban took Mazar-e-Sharif and many other nothern provinces and the nothern allies only had control of 2 provinces. But then the Taliban got defeated in Mazar-e-Sharif and the northern allies moved forward to 25km north of Kabul. People were hoping the northern allies would be able to defeat the Taliban, but the Taliban had a large number of fighters from different countries, mainly from Pakistan, better vehicles and equipment, so it was hard to defeat them. But our brave people were hoping to win.

This was the time when the world community left us alone. But the 9/11 tragic incident brought the free world's attention towards Afghanistan and the US government decided to overthrow the Taliban regime. The northern allies took advantage of the US air strikes and ousted the Taliban from the capital and other provinces. Some other small Afghan fighters also fought the Taliban in other parts of Afghanistan. Our current president Hamid Karzai was also fighting the Taliban with a group of his fighters. He was also injured. Another famous jihadi commander Haji Abdul Haq was also fighting with the Taliban but unfortunately he was arrested and killed by the Taliban before the US helicopters could rescue him. So everywhere people started fighting against the Taliban and they got defeated.

Afghans are very brave people. We are not scared of fighting. We defeated great powers in the past. We could have defeated the Taliban if we had external support. Some rich countries were behind the Taliban and it was hard to fight them. If the nothern allies had at least the air support they could have defeated the Taliban. The other reason that it was hard for the northern allies to defeat the Taliban was sadness of the people from the northern allies because the northern allies fought against each other in order to get power and thousands of civilians were killed in this war. So therefor many people were upset from the northern allies.

We don't want to be a charity case. Afghans are proud people who want to make their own way in the world but at the moment we need the support of the free world. We need more emphasis on training the Afghan army so that Afghans can take over the fighting. We need enough support to defeat the Taliban. We don't have a shortage of brave Afghans - we have brave people and we can defeat the Taliban with the support of the free world. The Taliban are not strong enough to create any civil war at the moment. Therefor they carry out terrorist attacks which mainly kill innocent civilans, and if we have the support of the free world we can defeat the enemies soon. But if the world community abandons us, Afghanistan will go back to civil war. We don't want to be part of the 3rd world. We need the support of the world community at least for 5 more years. By that time our army will be very powerful and professional and our economy will have improved and after that we will be able to use our own rich natural resources and it will improve our economy and we will be able to spend our own money and one day Afghanistan will be a rich country who will be able to support other poor countries and we hope this won't be so far.

The Afghans are not the enemy of the US or any other country. I hope that we will be strong allies forever and have good political and economic relationship and I hope Afghanistan will be able to contribute its forces to join with the US and other countries in the free world to liberate more people. Freedom is not something that only white Christians deserve. People from different religions and colors deserves freedom and we must join hands together to bring true freedom.

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