The NATO Summit

During the two-day summit in Latvia, NATO leaders agreed to provide an extra 2500 troops for combat operations against the Taliban insurgents. This summit meeting was very important towards strengthing peace and progress for the Afghan people, and the Afghan people hope the NATO member countries contribute more troops to Afghanistan in order to defeat the enemies and strengthen security. This is the first dangerous combat mission for NATO troops and they can easily make their mission successful if they do not lose hope. The NATO Afghan mission is possible to succeed if NATO allies continue their commitment to Afghanistan.

There are a few thousand NATO troops in northern and western provinces, and the security situation is better in these provinces, so in this case half of these troops should be redeployed to the southern and eastern provinces which are the main combat zones, so they can help other allies in the war against the insurgents. There are 32,000-strong NATO forces in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban. In the presence of these forces, the insurgents have been increasing their activities. Therefore there is a need for some extra troops. 32,000 NATO troops are enough to defeat the insurgents if they increase their operations against the enemies and use more of their soldiers in some provinces. There are a large number of these troops inside bases and their operations are around the areas of the province they have their bases. If these troops expand their operations to the main combat zones, it would be very useful to prevent enemy activity.

The recent joint operations of the Afghan Army and NATO forces have been very successful. Dozens of the enemy have been killed in the southern provinces. The joint operations have been more successful and have had less civilian casualties and if both parties continue such operations it will be very useful for both parties. The Afghan Army will learn better combat techniques and they also know the language and communicate better with the locals. And in order to prevent civilian casualties, NATO troops need to have accuracy in their intelligence because some commanders have personal disputes and deliver wrong reports. So better intelligence will make their mission more successful and the locals will show better cooperation.

There are some NATO member countries that have populations against the deployment of their soldiers to Afghanistan, and they want their troops to come home soon. Afghans appreciate their contributions and we hope they go back to their countries after they complete their mission in Afghanistan and it will not be very long. According to the Canadian military's official report, Canada might not be able to keep its troops in Afghanistan beyond 2009, in order to prepare for the massive security requirements for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. We understand that their country comes first. They have done a great job already, and in my opinion by the end of 2009 the Afghan Army will be capable of handling the security responsibility if the NATO allies pledge more support in order to train the Afghan Army. The sooner we have a strong army, it will be for the benefit of all the NATO member countries. But at this moment we do need more NATO troops to be sent to Afghanistan, not only to fight the terrorists, but also to carry out reconstruction efforts, so that by the time they leave Afghanistan, it will be a free, beautiful, democratic country.

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