At least 50 taliban killed in Uruzgan

According to local authorities, at least 50 Taliban were killed and
another 25 were captured Monday night during an operation carried out
by the Afghan national Army {ANA} and Afghan national police {ANP},
working together with coalition troops in southern province of
Uruzgan. Hundreds of small arms and much ammunition was also sized on
the Monday
night operation in this area. Sadly, two US soldiers and two Afghan
soldiers were also killed during the fight.

Provincial governor Jan Mohammed said the operation took place in Cia
Choy district of Uruzgan. The US Air Force played a significant role
in destroying a Taliban stronghold in this area. Cia Choy district is
the main center where the Taliban supply weapons and armaments to the
insurgents in three important provinces: Zabul, Kandahar, and Uruzgan.
These are provinces where the Taliban often attacks Afghan and foreign

Taliban spoksman Latif Hakimi confirmed the attack but he said only
four militants were killed, and claimed that the Taliban destroyed
five US vehicles and killed 28 coalition soldiers. He also said that
three US soldiers and one Afghan soldier were wounded in the fight,
but the claim has not been confirmed by independed media.

The Taliban leader Mullah Omar, in an audio tape released two days
ago, called upon his followers to intensify their attack against
foreign troops. They have managed to increase their attacks in recent
months; some 180 Taliban were killedin Mian Nushin district of
Kandahar province late last month.

I am in full support of the Taliban becoming martyrs and so long as we keep killing them we make more martyrs.

I only wish we could make them all martyrs along with the Al-Queds folks and the bastards killing innocents.

With all this company, Allah will be happy.
I have a feeling Allah might take a "Two's company" approach once these misguided murders starting knocking at the gates of paradise.
The Taliban sure seem to get hammered every time they raise their ugly heads. They also seem to have almost no popular support. What will it take for them to get the message? I also wonder how many of these 'Taliban' are really the same kind of foreign fighters being seen in Iraq?
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